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Social Anxiety and shakiness.

Hello my name is Sam and i am a 19y/o Male. Throughout my life i've always had a minor social anxiety problem, stuff like not asking questions with teachers. I have also had a tremor in my hands since i was around 14y/o(Had a docter tell me it was normal). But up until i graduated high school i feel like my social anxiety is getting worse, along with my tremor. I had to do a presentation in high school and i remember my neck starting to shake along with my hands. In some social situations i find myself trying to calm down and try not to shake, but i find that makes it worse. This is starting to be a big problem with stuff like interviews with jobs, i don't want to look like i'm a nervous wreck. To be clear my tremor happens pretty much all the time, my hands always have a slight shake, stuff like being hungry for a long time will make it worse along with caffeine. Another health issue i have is scoliosis and kyphosis which makes my back weak at some times(Was told by my age its pretty much incurable). I want to know if their is any type of med or treatment that can tackle both the tremor and my social anxiety, social anxiety being the bigger problem. I have a feeling therapy is going to be very expensive, but my insurance might be able to covering any kind of medication.

Thank you for the help,
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replied October 1st, 2014
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First you need to talk with the doctor. It can be any sedative pills that can help keep anxiety under control
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