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So i looked up my many annoying symptoms

So after years now of these very annoying sometimes scary things happening to my body I finally decided to just put all of the main symptoms into a google search box and came back with more than one site suggesting possible lyme disease. Well as i read on more of the symptoms i had than didnt have. Actually turned out that about 70-80% of the stuff on the list I frequently will experience at least once a week and they are just getting more frequent and more severe.
Before I post the list of the symptoms and problems (from the lyme disease website) i do currently experience regularly I want to just throw out my current known health issues.

A. Diabetes
B. Hep C
C. Recovering IV drug user
D. Not completely diagnosed but doctors leaning toward early stages of CHF

OKAY well now i will copy paste only the items from the list i found that i CURRENTLY experience REGULARLY

STARTS AFTER HERE<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

Eyes and Vision Disturbances

> Papilledema blurriness, inability to see in a particular part of the visual field for a period of time.

> Sudden blurred "foggy" vision. Double vision. .

>****** Vision loss

> "Spots" before eyes

> Flashing lights/showers of sparkles.

>******* Sensitivity to light

> Pain behind or in eyes. Swelling around eyes. Pain due to inflammation (scleritis, uveitis, optic neuritis)

> Inflamed, itchy eyes, watery eyes.

> *******Pressure in eyes

> Wandering or lazy eye.

>******** Feeling as if something is in the eye

Head, Face, Neck Disturbances

>***** Headache, Fever, nausea, decreased alertness******, malaise,**** visual disturbances, stiff neck and back, decreased consciousness******, tremor, seizures, lasting days to several months Encephalitis

* Headache, fever, stiff neck, spine, sensitivity to light, nausea, sleepiness, confusion Lyme meningitis*
*Headache, stiff neck, malaise, nausea and muscle aches may develop over days. Aseptic meningitis
Headache lasting weeks to months persistent/
*severe head pressure /congestion /burning. Burning in the brain

> Pressure within the head as if the brain is being squeezed from not enough room.
* Sharp pains in the head that last for a few seconds but are persistent; electric shock, as if someone hit or thumped the side of the head hard.$$$$$#######CONSTANT & DAILY!
THIS DAILY ALSO Tight scalp muscles. Itchy under the scalp, feeling better when rubbed/scratched or heat is applied.

> Sudden itchy, crawly feeling on scalp and also sudden pimples forming on the scalp

> Sore and tender areas on skull

>CONSTANT FOR MONTHS NOW LIKE LEAK IN EYE SOCKET Sensation of gurgling or leaking inside the head

> Stiff or painful neck inability to turn head.

> Lightheadedness, wooziness, feeling off balance

> Dizziness & equilibrium disorders. Vertigo a sensation of motion sickness, feeling off balance, that the floor is moving etc..

>EVERYTHING IN BLOCK FOR YEARS NOW ON REGULAR BASIS Facial neuralgias: Twitching of facial muscles (tics), sensation of sharp facial pain, crawly feeling, or itching, tingling of nose and other facial parts.

> Sensation of a spider web or loose hair fallen on face.

> Cracks around sides of mouth.

> Facial flushing (red face) Mimic of Slapped Face.

> Drippy nose (unexplained) Mimics Sinus disease

> Loss or altered sense of smell/hearing/taste

> Phantom tastes in mouth (metallic or salty)

> Dry mouth.
> Pulsing sensations in parts of the body, vibrating sensations, head rocking to rhythm of pulse.

> Numb/sore tongue/mouth.

>Throat-sore throat, swollen glands, cough, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing

Heart Disturbances.

> First-Degree Atrioventricular Block Heart block A-V block..

> Bacterial infective endocarditisinfection of the heart valves or lining of the heart.

> Irregular heart beat.

> Loss of control over blood pressure that causes dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting.

> Feeling short of breath and find it harder to exercise.

*4 months now and ALMOST DAILY THE LAST MONTH Have chest pain or chest discomfort or a feeling that your heart is pounding or fluttering
Immune and Endocrine Disturbances

> Persistent swollen lymph glands/nodes

>PRETTY COMMON THE LAST 2 YEARS*** Over production of non-adrenaline. A sudden startle releases a shot of stinging adrenalin pain in the body.
>>>>>>>LAST 5 YEARS Decreased energy. Tire quickly.

>>>>>>>Last 2 YEARS> Declining stress capacity.

> Edema (excessive accumulation of water in organ) Increase of interstitial fluid. E.g, lungs, ankles etc.

Never liked sugar as a kid now i cant stop myself sometisometimes

> Continual infinfections (urinary tract monthly.)
Locomotor Disturbances

> A sudden bout of arthritis with swelling, redness, and pain in one or a few large joints, typically the knees, that persists, or no longer persists, that may have left the joints deformed, or goes away and reoccurs.

> Joint pain and swelling around joint. (Usually large joints)

> Some joints remain chronic and pain rises at high level whenever there is a flare in the body. Mimics tennis elbow, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout.

> Sudden "axed-like/broken bone" type pain in a bone, especially near a joint when asleep or in awake time also.

> Migratory pains in and around the joints and muscles, intermittent or chronic. Pain rises at high level whenever there is a flare in the body

> Creaking, popping, or cracking joints

> Stiffness of joints from toes to neck and back, sometimes for a constant period and other times sudden stiffness that goes after movement.

> Unexplained backaches. Deep and steady pain in spine that feels as if it radiates from pressure on the nerves surrounding it or as if the pain comes from deep inside of the spine. (From neck to tail bone.) Bannwarths syndrome

> Intense pain, mostly in the lumbar and cervical regions radiating to the extremities. MimicsArachnoiditis or Lymphocytic meningoradiculitis

> Acute disk problem with deep and steady pain that radiates from pressure on the nerves surrounding it

> Bone sensitivity and bone pain of different levels and intensity.

> Sudden agonizing bone pain of an entire length of one bone, the en.

> Tenderness in lower shin medial tibia shaft bone

> Foot, ankle, and heel pain, sore soles (esp. in morning) Mimics plantar fasciitis

> Deep aches and burning in palms/soles of feet.

> Burning or stabbing pains in odd and shifting places

> Feeling of someone tapping on your shoulder or thumping you on the side of the head.

> Involuntarily trembling or body rocking or sensation when laying down as if in a boat on water.

> Muscle cramps/spasms (all over body)

> Throughout body; Muscle tenderness and pains of varying intensity as if over-stretched, bruised, cut, scraped, injured, burned, sha

> Tendon and ligament pain. Mimics Lupus

> Tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain felt in the hand, forearm, or wrist that
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