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So does this sound like schizophrenia?

So basically I'm a teen girl. Over the past 2 years I have been having these symptoms and they have been more apparent these past days. My anxiety has been raising and there are times when I'm super happy and then a second later I get super depressed. I'll get paranoid and scared of I don't even know. I have terrible memory and can't remember a lot of things. My parents yell at me for not doing things they asked me to do, but I don't even remember. My teacher was crying one day and I smiled at her. I know I shouldn't do that, but that's how I reacted. I'll hear things like whispers and someone saying my name, but that's all. I can't perceive any actual words, just sound. One time I thought someone had said my name and blew into my ear. I've also seen thing that I know aren't there. For a while I just thought to myself everyone has those kind of moments so it's fine. But then yesterday I thought I saw an actual person standing there. I was so scared and told myself is wasn't real and it was gone. Then today I thought I saw a kid in the parking lot, but when I looked again they weren't there. Just like I thought there was something on my friend today, but when I blinked it was gone. I'm so scared now that its going to happen one time and it's not going to be gone after I blink. That one day I'll actually be able to talk to the voices. Then I even question if it was real or just imaginary so many times everyday. They only thing that helps is to listen to music during the day. I'm also losing interest in a bunch of things I used to love. I would also self harm as punishment. I don't even know what for, but I just think I have too. My grandfather has schizophrenia also.
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replied February 10th, 2016
I do not know if you have schizophrenia, but it is clear that you are suffering. Based on your anxiety, fear, and withdrawal, I would say that you should see a psychiatrist. I hope that doesn't scare you. I know it can be hard to tell someone about symptoms like yours, but if you have a disorder, it is so much easier to treat in the early stages than it is if you wait. Can you talk to your school counselor? She will know what to do.

This other suggestion might be a little awkward, but you could call your pediatrician's office and say that you are having a problem you want to discuss privately with the doctor. At your age, the doctor often wants to talk to the teen alone anyway to see if they have any issues. That way, the next time you go in, you could explain what is going on.

I know it's hard, but the counselor and pediatrician are trained to handle problems just like yours. The result is likely to be that you will get to see a specialist about it. Don't worry about being "locked up" as some people fear. You would have to be suicidal or wanting to hurt someone else to be admitted to the hospital. It is more likely that the doctor will want to give you a little medicine to even out your moods and make the mild hallucinations go away.

You did not say if you are taking medicine for any physical conditions. Sometimes medicine can cause some of the symptoms you are having. So you really should get checked out by the doctor.

Good luck.
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replied February 15th, 2016
I know exactly how you feel because I am going through the same thing. I'm trying really hard to research it all. I think it might be a possibility, yeah. Probability. Likely, even. I'm trying to research myself and so far I've come up with "WELP I'm probably schizophrenic" so since we're floating in the same cruddy boat then yeah you're pretty much the same as me, pal. Welcome aboard to the S.S. Schizophrenic.
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