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So confused! I am crazy in love with him

My boyfriend for the last 6 years wrote me a letter breaking up with me. I was crushed. He said it was over for good and nothing I say can make him come back. After a couple days we started talking again and he said he felt so bad for leaving like he did, but we should still be seperated. He said we both have some issues we need to work on. He wants to be less selfish and try to focus on school. I have suffered depression for years and I finally went to the doctor for it recenlty. We talk on the phone everyday and he tells me how much he loves me and misses me and the kids. We have two girls, and this has been so hard for them. Then he tells me how we really shouldn't be talking on the phone so much, and yet he calls just as much as I call him. I am crazy in love with him. I'v thought I was in love before when I was younger but nothing has ever hurt this bad. I actually feel my heart breaking everyday. I'v told my doctor about the chest pains but she didn't say anything. I'm so afraid of giving him his space. I don't want him to forget about us. He comes to see the kids a few times a week and stays all night on Saturday's so we can talk and be together. Is it possible that everything might work out for the best? Could this make us a better and stronger couple? Right now I feel lost and so confused. He says he doesn't know when he will be back but he can't imagine his life without me. I just wish I could get a straight answer out of him but that's probably impossible lol. Any advice would help a ton! Thanks.
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