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Snapped Tibia & Fibula (Football Incident)

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Snapped my tibia and fibula in a reckless tackle in a Sunday league football match, got to the hospital and underwent my x-ray to find out it was two clean breaks of both the bones but I needed surgery. This consisted of a pin being put from my kneecap straight down to my ankle (straight down my shin). I was given a backslab and spent a week in hospital, this is now my 3rd week of having the backslab on and im due back to the hospital Wednesday for a review. Since the incident I have been taking a lot of medication to control my pain and a needle daily to prevent any type of blood clot. It's only been this past week that I've managed to use my crutches and get out of the house which has been amazing for my confidence. I have tried to put my toes on the floor but putting any weight on my foot is a complete no go, the skin under my big toe is completely numb and cannot feel a thing so im guessing I'm nowhere near ready to put any weight on it whatsoever. How long does the process normally take for this type of incident? Many thanks.
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