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smoke smell

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The past few months, I have been noticing a strong smell of smoke that no one around me smells. I have now also been nauseated much of the time for the past 10 days. I have a history of migraines that I believe were caused by an AVM that we discovered 10 years ago from a single seizure. The AVM was surgically removed. I have been doctoring with a neurologist lately due to the headaches returning. I have had a MRI and MRA, both of which showed no regrowth of the AVM. I also have had an EEG, which showed some mild abnormalities that my neurologist is attributing to changes. i am taking Inderal as a preventative for the migraines, and it is working. So could this be a sign of seizures? Is it possible to have migraine with no headache?

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replied September 22nd, 2010
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replied August 28th, 2013
I'm not sure if you're still having this problem or not, but this is a post I put in another forum:
After reading several of these post from as far back as 2005, I decided to stop drinking ASPARTAME and taking CLARITIN(or any allergy pill). About 2-3 days later, smell decreased. In 2-3 weeks....SMELL IS GONE!!!!!! I don't mean shows up occasionally, I mean gone! I was taking 1-2 Claritin for my allergies daily, and I was drinking diet soda, sports drinks, and powders often. I loathe the smell of smoke so much that I have not started taking one of the two to try to find out which one it was. Frankly, I'm okay giving up both. I guess one day I will try to narrow this down further, but for now, I will enjoy the smell of bad California air and call it a day! Very Happy
Good Luck to those of you suffering with this. Your doctor will most likely be of little to no help. Sad Try to remove things from your diet, one at a time, for at least a week to see what helps. One more thing, I also have heartburn. I'm not sure if its related, or too much pizza! nurse
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