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Smelly Urine

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One in five women will develop a UTI during her life. But what are UTIs? and what causes this type of infection?...
Why are women more at risk of developing UTI than men? Read here for more on what causes urinary tract infections and what puts you at risk of UTI....
A UTI can affect the bladder, kidney, ureters and/or the urethra. Learn which symptoms indicate urinary tract infection, complications and when to seek help....
I have recently finished a course of treatment for Endometriosis and have started on the Depo contraceptive injection as the next stage. I have noticed over the last 6 - 7 weeks that my urine has had a foul smell, and I am still suffering with cramp like pains. If I see my GP and get a urinary infection ruled out then what is possibly the problem?
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replied August 23rd, 2010
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Your symptoms are consistent with a UTI and if not treated can turn into a kidney infection.

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