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smelly urine, not able to empty bladder completely

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I have a lot going on and wonder if there is anyone out there who has the same problems as i do... i have noticed lately that my urine smells very unpleasant, when i void i have to push to completely empty my bladder. i have clear urine and drink plenty of water. i have also been told recently that i may have a hurrniated disk in the lower left side of my back.i have a buldge sticking out in that area too. i have an mri scheduled in a few weeks. i have also been very irritable lately and having angry outbursts and mood swings, i cant sleep at night, im and generally just not feeling well at all, very tired. my dr put me on anti depressants again (been on them before) so that could explain that, but i have also been having very sharp pains in my head both sides. it sometimes feels like someone is squeezing my head as hard as they can after the sharp pains. i also recently have noticed both my feet are going numb and feel hot as well as my left hand. could all this be tied in together, or am i just that unlucky? Sad
anyone out there have the same problem(s) or ever heard of anything like this?
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