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smelly orgasm

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my husband recently told me my cum has started smelling like an egg wind smell. There is no odour at the start of oral or when i get aroused only when i orgasm. I am a 40 yr old female has anyone else ever experienced this as none of my friends have which makes me feel even more embarassed Sad
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replied November 23rd, 2012
Do a couple of checks and get checked out if answers are no...
Is this smell only durning oral? and how long does it last? I'm wondering if you have an infection or the other is as you orgasm both the vaginal and anus muscles contract. Maybe you are slightly passing a small amount of gas without knowing. Its very easy to do, this is why I have asked previous questions.

Sorry for the personal questions but how is your underwear? if there is no colour change or marking sorry to say this but have a slight sniff after the day. This just shows that if the smell is there you probably do have an infection and when orgasm happens your body pushes more fluid out. Also air can get into the vagina when your muscles relax and contract etc, this will be expelled at orgasm which may make the smell more noticable when your body contracts hard.

If you haven't already and you do not think its a slight toot from the booty I really think you should get checked by a doctor if you haven't already honey. Better to be seen and mind put to rest.
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