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Smelling cigarette smoke when no one is smoking...why???

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For about a month now I've been smelling cigarette smoke even when no one is smoking. Should I be concerned or is this psychological? I've suffered migraines since I was 17 and I'm now 39.
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replied August 2nd, 2010
This May Help You !!
I just posted this on another forum about the same subject - I get migraines, too. I have all of my life and I'm 52.

I smell DIRTY WET DOG..and we have two very clean cats. Sometimes it lasts an hour - sometimes it lasts all day.

My doctor ordered a CT scan and during the week we waited for results he also told me to "google" the words SEIZURE and ODOR.

CT scan clear, which is what he expected. So I am going to see a neurologist in a couple of weeks. My Dr. is pretty sure he knows what it is...I hope he is right !!!

When he first said "Seizure"...I looked at him "PANIC"...and he said "Oh no, like petit-mal, you don't even realize you're having them." We're talking tiny non-noticeable seizures.

From what he has told me and what I have read - when these tiny seizures occur - the smell becomes noticeable. Sometimes something sets it off, sometimes not. My "wet dog smell" just seems to come and go - no trigger ?

I got scolded for posting a link to the article - and then they didn't even bother to post the rest of it...SO you are going to have to find the article the same way I did.

Google the following words in the exact order:
(NO quotation marks necesary !)
taste and smell clinic seizure

It came up as the first article for me. It was written in August of '07.

Read it. See what you think. Print it out. See what your doctor thinks. Because a physician who specializes in taste and smell wrote it. I'm so glad my doctor knew about this condition. I would have kept looking for a dirty wet dog...?

Best wishes, Ann
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