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small white ring on penis

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yea so basically i have this small white ring on the side of my penis head... it doesn't seam to be an std or look anything like any of the common std. i have had unprotected sex one time several months ago. and besides that i have a partner whom isnt sharing the bed with anyone but me. I have none of the common std symptoms. Its really hot and humid where i work and i was thinking its some type of fungi almost looks like ring worm but its white and not red. i have had this for almost 2 weeks now, it doesnt hurt or itch bairly and have been putting hydrocortozon cream on it.. i should really see a doctor, can anyone here give me there opinion. Rolling Eyes
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replied August 16th, 2008
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yes you should see a doctor. it could be a yeast infection, could be the start of vitiligo, could be a scar, could be a lot of things. best to make an appt with your doctor to find out what it is.
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