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Small mass in left lung

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I had a CT scan done prior to surgery and a very small mass, just half a centimeter, was found in the left lung. It was so tiny that it wasn't possible to take a biopsy. I have been asked to take another scan in three months and the doctor advised that it was almost certainly not significant, but the possibility does exist that it is a malignancy. However, it is much more probable that it is some sort of minor infection, or some TB. Prior to the CT scan I had just gotten a long place journey, from NYC to Bangkok.

I have no other symptoms and there is no indication of anything wrong with me. There is also no history of any cancer in either side of my family. Unfortunately, I tend to worry more than is necessary and I am rather upset. Can anyone set my ming at rest. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

Thank you,
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replied June 6th, 2009
Lung Cancer
I'm going through the same experience you are. I am waiting three months to see if there are any changes.
I had a biopsy and a PET scan, but my doc said it was not conclusive for cancer. Negative, but it does not mean I don't have cancer. PET scan showed moderate activity in the tumor. This may or may not indicate cancer.
I want it removed, but they may take half my lung if they can't find it. No thanks. I'm waiting just three months since it is so small, 10 by 16 mm. I'm looking into Cyberknife as a possibility.
Continue asking questions until you find your answer. You will eventually find what you need.
What size is your nodule?
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replied August 17th, 2009
I'm also going through the same thing. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks with pleural infusion and once they drained it the found two mass in my right lung. I had the needle biopsy and the scope and the pet scan, they showed nothing except for scar tissue and fibrosis. I also had to wait to see if the residual of what ever I had would clear up. It has not. I'm going for another biopsy but surgery this time not a needle. Unfortunately they had found a leaky heart valve. I'm just waiting til Thursday to find out if I'm strong enough for surgery. I wish the both of you well. I'll keep you in my prayers
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replied August 17th, 2010
I'm 24 years old, and just had gallbladder surgery. Following my surgery I developed bacterial pneumonia and was readmitted to the hospital where the dr. did a CT scan. They found a mass in my left lung right above my heart. The Dr. says it is roughly 4cm long... they are waiting three months to do any follow up other than blood work. The wait is mind numbing! Should I seek a second opinion or is the normal wait time???
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