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10 small lumps about the size of an eraser head

So I've battled jock itch on the crease of my groin for years. But this bout is different and I'm wondering if anyone has any I sight or has experienced something similar.

As stated recently I have come down with jock itch but this time I have about 10 small lumps (about the size of an eraser head or just a bit smaller) in the area where the jock itch is. The lumps are not breaking the skin, they are medium tenderness, they seem to increase and decrease in size, and are mildly sensitive.

The redness from the (what I presume is jock itch) actually spread to the shaft of my penis and now there is also a lump on the side of my penis as well.

The rash seems to be subsiding with the use of antifungal cream but the lumps have not subsided.

I have made an appointment to see a doctor but that's still a few days away.

I'm worried that this could be something serious and would just like to know if anyone has had something similar to this and what the final outcome was.

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