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Small lump under armpit with a clear liquid ?

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i am a 26 year old male. few weeks ago while shaving my armpits, i developed pain in a spot under my arm pit. i probably thought i was due to shaving and ignored it. later it turned into a very small lump just under the skin. which moved with my skin. it didnt hurt anymore. but when i used to press it too much it became a bit sore to touch.. just today as i was examining with my hand a clear liquid alot like water a bit sticky started coming out of it.. i am worried as to what this might be... please help if u guys have any info on this

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First Helper hkhan44

replied May 10th, 2011
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replied May 19th, 2011
All who say leave it alone are wrong. Your best bet is to shower or use hot washcloth to cause it/them to be at maximum. Sterilize a pin with a lighter or match and pierce the skin slightly to help create an exit path. Then grasping the entire nodule, ensuring that pressure is placed behind the cyst, squeeze firmly to express the pus. This may not work the first time or two. Essentially, you are attempting to weaken the skin at the surface without compromising the encapsulation. You will eventually express considerable pus. Keep at this until it disappears, which will take 1-2 months. Thereafter, look for and squeeze out newly formed waxy zits in the hair follicles. This waxy pus will smell strongly of BO, and will decrease with time and good hygiene. But as to leaving these cysts alone: absolutely not. They are encapsulated infection. If you physically manipulate and squeeze them correctly, it is far better force this out of your system instead of festering. Voice of experience, here.
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