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I've only had sex once. I lost my virginity 6 months ago and the relationship ended 3 days later so I haven't had sex since. I had oral sex not long after that but no other sexual activity since. (I learned my lesson) I have small cuts on either labia above the clitoris. It is annoying and they occasionally bleed a little. There is a bigger cut below my vagina to the right that hurts when I use the bathroom. I can't think of where they came from. Being obviously inexperienced I'd appreciate some feedback.
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replied August 19th, 2008
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How long have you been experiencing these cuts and are there any other symptoms?
Have you been to a gyno since you had sex?
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replied April 10th, 2009
cut just inside of vagina

i me and my husband have been together for 5 years now and he is "larger insize" im smaller then him and sometimes hes rough i have a cut inside of me can that happen its not pussing and no redness is that abnormal what should i do?
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