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small clusters of bumps

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I have been developing small clusters of bumps on different areas of my skin. I first noticed them on my hands, then my legs, then my elbows adn finally my neck. The bumps hurt when pressure is applied and there doesnt seem to really be an itch other than what i believe to be a placebo effect. The bumps are ussually in small clusters and are not red except after i shower. The size of the bumps are small although a couple have clustered together to smake slightly bigger ones.
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First Helper pnktikkle

replied March 11th, 2009
small clusters of bumps
My two little girls have what sounds like the same description of bumps, although there's have been the back of knee, buttocks and breasts. I've had them to the doctor who did not know what it was and suggested it may be bites of some kind, but this has been going on for months now and I've tried so many creams and medicines with no luck. I see no response here and wondered if there was any luck for you?
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replied April 5th, 2009
Small cluster of bumps located on the shaft of a penis
My boyfriend noticed that he has a small custer of bumps located on the shaft of his penis just below the head .. What could it be? I have been tested for STIs and am all good ... any sugesstions?
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replied July 1st, 2009
I was doing an internet search on my itchy, tiny little skin bumps and I saw this thread....

I have tiny, itchy bumps {now, these generally only appear on my hands; never anywhere else} - fingertips, a small patch/cluster on the palm now about 5-6mm in diameter, and a long diagonal cluster with some stragglers on the underside and wrapping upwards towards my nail on my left index finger. I usually get these around my nail-beds/fingertips as I stated earlier, and have NO idea what they are. They're tiny {the bumps are less than/equal to 1mm and never any larger}, they itch and they're either flesh-colored or have tiny clear centers.

It's freaking me out tremendously as I'm frequently in public places, am good about washing my hands and using sanitizer, and I've only had this for about a year on & off... but this {on my left index finger & palm} is the first time it's been this bad... the first time I ever noticed them may have been a year or so ago - I was using nail polish remover, did my nails and then when I'd smudged them removed the polish and painted them again - viola... they showed up.

To answer some questions someone posted in another thread in an effort to get an answer:

1) For how long you have the bumps?
- A year or so.

2) Are these bumps very small, blisters-like bumps (1 mm or less in diameter)?
- Yes, but not soft, watery blisters; just tiny, harder bumps with clear dots in the center; if I were to stick a pin into one it would only realize clear fluid.

3) Do they appear mostly on the tips and sides of the fingers, toes, palms, and soles?
- Mostly on the tips of my fingers, but my feet have itched here & there. I may have had them on my feet and not realized at all.

4) Does the itchiness get worse after contact with soap, water, or irritating substances?
-Pretty much; I think that irritants make it worse. I did come into contact with laundry detergent the other day??

5) Do they crust after the realize of fluid? - This I don't know...

I read something somewhere about tiny bumps with 'tell-tale 'black seeds' in the center. I don't have anything black in the center, but all of the other symptoms were correct. I'm petrified that I ended up with some viral herpes infection of the skin or something... I'm generally healthy; pretty stressed out at the moment as it's a difficult transitional period in my life, and don't eat the way that I should but I don't think that should be a factor?? These just come and go without warning.

Thank you in advance for reading this and for any information you may have!!

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replied August 12th, 2009
Funny, I've had the same symptoms. All of a sudden one night I looked down and noticed both of my hands, palms, and fingers had small, clear bumps all over and SO ITCHY!!! They turned pinkish & It lasted for almost 2 weeks. I noticed I had some places on my feet as well that were very itchy too. They've gone away but I'm wondering if it could be herpes whitlow?? I was just diagnosed with hsv2 last week and when I had initial symptoms of that is when my hands got this irritation.
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replied October 26th, 2009
bumps and rash reappearing
3 Unknown Cause Skin Disorders:

1.I have these small clear fluid filled bumps on hands about 1-2mm in diameter. If I do not mess with them they will continue to itch and get become more or bigger. If I massage hard the area where they are at, they will go away, but they come back in a few days or so. They do itch, but not all the time. Flat clear bumps on my hand seem to only be confined to the left hand but they have been on the right. So, they come and go. Plus my palms have been splotchy red/white colored.

2.I have (1mm)small red raised bumps below the head of my penis shaft. They do not itch, but when I softly swipe my finger across them they feel irritated. These also seem to come and go. At first I thought they appeared after having sex, but recently they have appeared without having sex for a day or two. They come and go from same area of the penus shaft.

Bumps(small bug like bites) have appeared/reappeared on the left wrist only. They come and go from same area of wrist. These are itchy like flea bites. (This is a possibility answer for this skin irritation only.)

3.I keep getting a rash in between both forearms and biceps, or opposite sides of elbows.

What has been done:
I have been to the doctors multiple times, the last doctor told me that he would need to collect a fluid sample from the area, but I do not think there enough fluid to collect from the skin irration area, so what can I do? I was also given a moisturizing cream. Common blood/urine STD tests(Chlamydia, Hepititis, Aids only), except skin. Soon to be tested for parasites, waiting results. I have also had a swab test(very painful). Whitel blood cell count is normal, checked twiced. Have had an ultrasound on right testicle;displayed no visual cause to the tense testicle symptoms. Was tested for strep throat by throat culture test, came back negative.

Details about me:
I am uncircumsized, 26 yrs old, no known alergies except possible penicilin like medicines. Did smoke, but not anymore the skin irration seems to get worse when I did smoke. Used to drink a lot, but now just socially, since I have been having abdominal pains/chest pains. Am Irish.

When start/Inital symptoms:
This all started when I was in SKorea. I experienced pains in my lower gut below the stomach region, I thought I had blood in my stool, but was tested for it to find that there was no blood in my stool. My right groin region hurt felt swollen tense. Right testicle felt swollen/tense. Maybe some itching or tingling sensation in the shaft, not sure, but scrotum sack on right testicle did itch when it was tense, now it itches every now and then.

Later symptoms:
1.The 3 Skin Disorders above(these disorders/symptoms was one of the last ones to occur).
2.Underneath the ribs near the heart I will have aches sometimes and below my left side ribs, in my body.
Above my lungs, in my throat region(front side), underneath my windpipe. I have an irritation there, not really itchy there, just scratchy and a little sore.
3.White cottage cheese looking spots on both sides of back of throat.I discovered this on a weekend after getting a flu shot.
4.Skin colored raised bumps in back of throat(a doctor has seen those and thinks it is not something to be worried about).
5.One time I had a pink/red eye, but I think that was a blood vessel that busted from throwing up the night before from drinking. My left eye was sensitive to light and felt dry and sometimes irritated.
6.I feel empty or hollow, like something is draining me of energy.
7. Had diarhea after receiving a precautionary Tetracycline Antibiotics single dose shot with shake mix. Itching in but hole and thought to have had dark colored blood in stool and on toilet paper, light colored. But hole was itchy inside the rectum region also.
8. After receiving the shot, the testicle swelling/tense irritation went away, my but hole stopped itching, my inner right thigh stopped feeling tense and my lower gut stopped hurting. This all came back after 3 weeks exactly. But this time I had a couple of bumps on the right side of my penis, just below the head, that looked like boils that may have crusted. Never had them again until I had sex two months later, a week into having sex with a girl. But they were not boil looking, they are as describe on number 1 under unknown skin disorders.
9. About 1-2 months prior to the initial symptoms, I did have a blood blister in the back of my throat that busted when I was brushing my teeth. Did not see any sign of scabbing. I had sex approximately 2 months prior to this incident and a month after this incident, both were oral and unprotected, with two different individuals. One from S.Korea and the other from the Philippines.
9. Looking for someone who can tell me what I may have. It sounds like I might have herpes, I don't think I do. At least that is what I want to believe because the blisters came 3 months after my first unprotected sex(korean). But the inital symptoms came a few days after my second unprotected sex(philipino) and a month later the first sign of boils on my skin on my penis(3weeks after getting the shot or a month after having sex). But the blister in my throat came about 2 months after the korean. The bumps appear and disappear on the exact same area on my penis and are clustered together mainly on the left-upper side, one or two on the right, they do not seem to be contagious, because they do not seem to appear anywhere else on my penis. Just below the head, under the penis head skin cover, on left-upper side mainly.

Please help me?
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replied January 16th, 2013
Replying to those who read... Yeah, so, I wasn't being clear about what I was saying. I only had the reactions after I took the antibiotics. Before that, I never had any reactions. My penis was one the areas that had a symptom,(one time), my chest was another area, then my hands, then my abdomen, and then my forearms.

Now it is just my hands--but they are not zits or pimple like bumps--they are small grayish-clear flat spots that you would never be able to see by looking at my hands, you have to look closely. They come and go and last for about 3-5 days. From 5-7 days, they turn an brownish-orange color as they disolve back into the skin.--All these symptoms occurred after I took the antibiotics, except for the blue balls and sore throat, but believe this was cause I feared I was sick.--Although, I have been getting a spot on my ring finger every August time of the year and I always get sore spots inside my mouth when I eat onions--So it is my best guess that I have always had Hand-Foot and Mouth Disease and never realized it until my immunes system was compromised by the antibiotics.
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replied January 21st, 2013
I too have similar simptoms, except I did not have sex with anyone when I got my symptoms. I had a sore stomach and throat. Doctors suspected that I ate something that made be sick, so I got a shot of pennicillian. Unfortunately, later on, I started to get this rash all over my hands, clusters of bumps the same ones you described. Stress and weather seem to be a factor for when they appear.

Doctors suspected either it was eczema, scabies/lice. So I got the nerve agent cream. It seemed to work. But it kept coming back...urrr. Military doctors try to save US dollars, so they through band-aids on everything to cover up the real problem. I have tried to get a biopsy, but by the time my appoint comes, they have already passed.

I haven't consided hand-foot-mouth disease, but I guess it is possible.

The rash does stay primarily on the hands, but does seem to appear other places after contact from time to time.

But in any case, here are some things anyone can do to prevent these kinds of rashes.

Treatment or erradication of rashes: totaling 9 months
For the first 3-6 months
-build up garlic in your system;garlic prevents skin rashes
-eat onions; onions act like an internal astringent
-take iron supplements as presecribed on bottle. In addition to the iron, take supporting supplements like zinc, magnisium, calcium. Iron builds red blood cells which in turn makes your white blood cells smarter so to speak.
-keep skin DRY, clean;rashes like fungus spread easier in moist environments. Move someplace where it is dry or cold-dry.
-exercise, build those muscles, let those supplements build inside your system

For the 6-9 months
-get some lamisil anti-fungal pills. treat your skin and if it is a virus, then most likely, you will build up an immunity to it or erradicate it completely. Suggest taking 1 pill a day for 10 days. After that continue treatment for 80 days taking a pill every other day. Go see doctor for liver checks!
-don't drink alcohol, the iron and lamisil will damage your liver completely.
-stay positive

Hope this helps!
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replied October 26th, 2009
you have genital herpes
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replied April 16th, 2010
Itchy water blisters/bumps on hands
The itchy watery bumps on hands in clusters is from eating wheat. You are allergic to it and I wouldn''t be surprised if you had Celiac disease too. I had these symptoms. Good luck.
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replied September 27th, 2010
I'm sure I've heard that small blisters filled with clear fluid on hands or feet are the first symptoms of eczema?
I have a cluster (aprrox 2inches by 3 inches) midway down my inner right fore arm. They are slightly itchy unless i scratch or manage to pop them. a small amount of clear fluid is released when this happens and the blister will scab of. after popping or scratching them they are incredibly itchy.
The seem to have appeared in an area where there was recently a bruise, caused by manually hauling plastic totes about. The coverage is approx the same as that of the bruise.
Any ideas guys and gals?
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replied November 19th, 2010
That's what the doctors told me too. But there wasn't a single cream that helped. I went gluten-free which cured a lot of issues thank God but the bumps were still appearing. It was the fact that even some gluten-free products are made in a wheat facility. Therefore, I realized that I was not only intolerant to the gluten protein but in general, I had an allergy to wheat. So I cut that out and the tiny blisters went away completely. If they come back, it is usually because I have eaten a new gluten-free product that was also made in a wheat facility. (For instance, Prego Spaghetti sauce claims that some of its sauces are gluten-free, but I cannot eat them because my hands break out the next day.) Hope this helps your understanding.
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replied February 20th, 2011
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replied April 13th, 2011
I Have the same thing little clear bumps on my palm and when popped They have clear fluid Come out but they dont really itch,but when i pop them they just come right back,and also the clear liquid keeps comming out pretty much everytime I push On it after its popped..Can you please help me
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replied December 1st, 2012
Clusters of Bumps
I realize this is an old thread now, but wanted to respond anyway, while I'm researching a different problem for our son, and for the benefit of others now researching this problem. Please research Molluscum Contagiosum. If there is a little "pit" in the center of the blister, then that's what you have. If you pop it, then touch the fluid (or the fluid touches another part of your body), it will spread. Baths are BAD - do showers. Our daughter got this and we finally cleared it up using Tea Tree Oil. It stung a little and stunk a LOT, but it worked quickly and they didn't spread or come back. Best of luck.
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replied August 27th, 2011
you're all going to die. sorry.
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replied April 1st, 2012
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replied September 15th, 2011
I have these small clusters of bumps, they are much like goosebumps but much denser and harder, they appeared only very recently (2 days ago) and are only on my torso area, two clusters just under my belly button and to the side, one in the middle of my abs and one between my pecs (chest muscles) slightly spilling over onto one side. It doesn't inflame or go red unless I scratch it or etc. It doesn't itch but looks and feels unpleasant, please help.
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replied October 2nd, 2011
I had the same problem, liquid filled clear clustered bumps on my hands and feet. I don't believe it's caused by wheat. I believe its a fungus of some kind. I realized this as I was trying various remedies to get rid of my current outbreak. Everything seemed to make it worse. An then I had a breakthrough. While tearing through my drawer looking for hydrocortisone cream I happened upon a tube of Miconazole 7. Its an anti fungal vaginal cream.(generic for Vagisil.) it touted it's ability to stop itching, so I figured I'd give I a try. It stopped the itching almost immediately, but what was more impressive was the fact that it stopped more bumps from coming back. I would apply it like lotion after washing my hands three times per day. By the end of the third day all the bumps had subsided. My hands were peeling in a couple places from the amount of clusters that I had vanquished. I know it sounds wired to use a vaginal anti fungal cream on your hands but I promise you it works, just be dilligent with reapplying and you'll see results.
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replied January 12th, 2012
Suffer with since 10th grade, I'm 45 now.

Immune system attacking skin, prednisone pills for a week and your all better.

See a doctor for a prescription.

Took me 20 years to find that cure
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