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Small cell cancer treatment ?

please some one help with any further help i could get for my dad who is dieing of lung cancer. There is no further help avaliable on the nhs and are desperatly trying to find help from another country if u know anything no matter how small please tell me it could help us save his life. He has small cell cancer that has now spread from the lung to the liver.
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replied August 6th, 2009
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Common therapies for small cell lung cancer, especially when extensive or advanced cancer, are chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
He may try participate in a clinical trial for testing new more promising drugs and treatment methods for lung cancer.
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replied October 1st, 2018
I read this about this person reaching out for help about her father that has small cell lung cancer, I'm in the same exact position, my father is going through the same thing, we just found out a month ago (as he was doing immunotherapy) that they have seen it spread to the liver. My father got this because he worked at Navistar International and developed asbestos that small cell lung cancer. So I beg anyone please reach out, and if I find information I will post it, please someone please help, I can't lose my father.
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