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Small bumps like the head of a ball point pen, flesh colored

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Thank you so much for your time. I have not had a lot of sexual partners, but I did recently have protected sex with someone. This was about a month ago and yesterday I noticed about 12 really small flesh colored bumps on my shaft. I have frantically been searching the internet and it's hard to find anything other than pictures of extreme cases of all the std's etc.

They are VERY small but go all the way up until about the mid point which has me concerned because the only thing I found that sounds like that was something to do with hair follicules (Which I have noticed random max 1 or 2 small bumps around the hair area in the past) but this is actually on the shaft. They are spread out, with one area have six or so and three in a little line. There is no pimple like (white head..pus) features to them. They do not stick out that much, more like a really small skin tag thats barely noticable. No itch, no uncomfortm just really small, like the head of a ball point pen, flesh colored bumps. The last unprotected sex I had was with my ex GF of a very long time months ago.She did cheat on me though, so that has me scared as well. I really do not like the doctors and am a starving student but if this is not easily explained away I will find a way to steathily head to the doctors.

Thank you so much for your help, this is giving me really bad anxiety. Best regards.
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