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small bumps from yeast infection ?

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About a month ago I noticed some small itchy bumps below and to the sides of my vagina--not in the vulva itself but on the normal skin around it. Some of the bumps are bigger and red (about 1 mm) and some are tiny and skin-colored. I went to a clinic where the doctor said it was yeast without even looking at it--just from my description--and gave me 3-day Terazol. 8 days later they are STILL THERE though they don't itch. My only sex partner is STD free. What are they??? I'm going out of the country for 2 months in a few days and am panicking! I have sensitive skin but how long will it take for the bumps to go away and is it just a yeast infection???
advice welcome!!
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replied July 17th, 2010
I too got a yeast infection and broke out into red itchy bumps on the lower left side of my labia. I also had a canker like sore on the inside of my vagina next to my urthera along with cakey white vaginal discharge, itchiness all over and it burned to urinate. I was perscribed Diflucan( 3 day dose) which got rid of the burning urination, the canker like sore and the discharge. Now 1 week later my vulva itches and the bumps are still going strong. I have been using Tea Tree Oil directly on bumps and that seems to be helping them mend. Here's a little info, as far as STD's are concerned.. if your partner ever had cold sores in their mouth, by performing oral sex on you, they can spread Herpes to your genitals.. This is called HSVI.. The scary part about it is it hides (dormant) in your nervous system along your spine and does not always show symptoms.When your immune system takes a hit (menstraul or a cold) it will show its' ugle face. Herpes (HSVI/HSVII) is life long and will continue off and on. Get tested just to be sure, as I am getting tested tomorrow. Good luck!
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