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Small bump on penis tip

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I've never had sex in the past and neither do I have any members in my family with either of these diseases. I don't really know how I acquired it. Actually I don't know which one I have because I haven't yet been to the doctor. But I did observe a small, tiny, white wart-like strucutre at the tip of my penis (which looks heart-shaped). I had this "thing" ever since I was 10 years old but I never paid any attention to it as I thought it was normal (and eventually I forgot about it until recently, when there was some pinkish-white substance exuding from the penis...I don't know whether it was from this wart-like structure or from the external urethral meatus.) Also there seems to be some sort of an inflammation of the foreskin and it looks as though it's been infiltrated with some whitish granule like strucutres.

The only thing I probably ever did was masturbate when I was young (and I guess it was rather vigorous, so I'm not sure if any skin abrasion of the glans could have caused it).

I'm really worried and quite scared at the moment as I just realized this amidst final exams.
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