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Small brownish mark on my forearm

A small brownish mark about 5-6 mm long appeared on my left forearm about two weeks ago. I thought it was a bruise when we went boating. However, it has not gone away or changed size. it does not hurt. It is not raised, it is under the skin. I never saw a rash or bumps or anything. It just appeared. I'm "not" a person w/many or large freckles or moles. Minimal freckles from sun exposure. I'm a female age 43. Pale skinned. It's just scaring me that it appeared like that. Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be?
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replied September 13th, 2013
Follow this tip to remove brown marks problem.

Apply 2 spoons of barley flour, 1 spoon of curd, and a pinch of turmeric to scrub your face. This home remedy will give you fair, soft, and glowing skin like never before.

Apply curd and turmeric as a beauty tip for fair, and glowing skin naturally .This beauty tip will reduce the tan.
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