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Slow Reflexes

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Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place, please tell me if it isn't so I can delete and put this where it belongs.

My question is very, very low priority and I feel kinda sheepish posting it when there are far more pressing medical problems. In fact, I'm not even sure this is a "problem" per se.

Basically, I have slow reflexes. I know this because I've been gaming with a group of friends for the past 5 years or so, particularly a high-speed style of game play called a "first person shooter" where reflexes will determine whether or not you win. I play more for the community and my friends than my success in the game, but I'm not really satisfied being the "free kill guy" because my reflexes are slow. I've started looking into this and stumbled upon the following site which tests visual response and reflex: ontime/index.php

Over 5 clicks, I averaged 321.6 and the overall average for everyone is 215, so obviously I'm a bit slower than usual. I asked my friends to take this test and they were 150-200 .

I found another site, the name of which escapes me at the moment that was similar to that one except it involved audio as well as visual impulse. I found that I was faster there, averaging around 250 ms.

So what that means to me is that:

1) Both my visual and audio responses are slow, but my visual response is slower than my audio response.
2) My reflexes are slow.

Is there anything I can do about that? Any kind of medication or supplement or nutritional program I can use to 'register' stimuli quicker and respond to it?

Why are my reflexes slow? Genetics?
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First Helper Slowpoke88

replied April 2nd, 2010
reflexes is slow
i am 26 year old 5ft8inch height 52kg weight my right side body feel that my reflexes is slow and some chock
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replied April 2nd, 2010
Extremely eHealthy
have you been to the dr?
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replied August 1st, 2011
I wish I knew what to tell you. You question is the same question I've been asking for years. I decided to go to this site and find out how slow my reflexes really are. I got 369.2 over 5 clicks.
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