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Slow, awkward, ineffective digestion


I have a digestion issue, and it only started about two months ago. My food just doesn't "go" away like it used to.
I have this mild "vomitty" feeling in the back of my throat. I burp alot after meals. It's not a gassy burp but the type where the food goes into your stomach. I think it comes back, and goes in, over and over
resulting in the burping.
I feel the food sitting my chest, moving up and down, and just rolling about my stomach.
I don't have heartburn and neither do I vomit or feel abdominal discomfort. I took anatacids but stopped when I started
taking too much. I drink alot of water, so I thought that could be watering down the food so I avoid it around my meal times.
It's a weird indigestion thing. What could it be and what should I do?
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replied August 15th, 2013
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Sounds like a a combination of the wrong types of foods and not enough acid production in the stomach. The combination of antacids and water, plus the poor foods have cause that type of things in clients I've seen. Juicing just vegetables might help calm things down and let the stomach and intestine heal. Have you talked to a gastroenterologist?
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