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slipped capital femoral

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my 12 yrs old daughter had slipped capital femoral epiphysis when she fell off a stool. The doctors place pins to prevent more slipping but i believe 6 months later the pin moved so the procedure was repeated. Now a year or so later the doctors are considering hip replacement surgery. The x-ray show the femur head is losing it's roundness so is the pelvis bone where the femur head sits. Sorry Iam unfamiliar with all the medical terms. Now 13yrs old she is very confused and frustrated. We are seeking a second opinion but my concern is how effective are hip replacement for a 13yr old? Is there other options?
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replied March 17th, 2009
hello shanie
How are you, im 25 years old and I had slipped capital femoral epiphysis at ae 11. In approximately 1 month I will undergo a total hip replacement surgery. PLEASE seek a second opinion because a hip replacement is for adults ideally because the hip will be dislocated at 13 because shes still growing. if you want to know more write me.

I know what shes going through. You can ontact me at anytime!!!
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replied May 29th, 2009
My daughter had SCFE at 12 -- one hip and then the other about 9 months later. She had the first hip replaced at 18 --- it had become necrotic (the bone was dying and was getting mishapen like you describe). I am not sure I think that hip replacement is a good idea at age 13 -- but my daughter's teen years were hell with the limping and pain. The Hip Replacement Specialist told us he had done as young as 14 -- get another opinion or two.
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