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Slip and fall neck injury

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About 5 days ago I had a slip and fall at work. Long story short, I hit shoulder first on the ground. The knee and ankle issues are no longer of concern. The following few days I had some inflammation in my neck and upper shoulder. As that has subsided, I have continued to have numbness down my arm and in my hand and a stabbing pain in in various locations in my shoulder, with occasional pains coming down the neck. I have had X-Rays which came back as negative for any damage in the shoulder. I have noticed, when walking, my injured arm doesn't swing naturally as does my other arm. The times when the pain is most noticeable is when it is in a stationary position, also a position such as opening my car door from a seated position (left arm), making a right turn on the steering wheel, or if I am carrying something with the arm by my side. All of the previous movements, and walking result in heightened tingling and numbness for a time. I am taking an anti-inflammatory and hydrocodone, and the medications haven't really resulted in less pain, but have made it feel more localized. Like I can pin point the location of it better. I have the impression that the doctor doesn't feel it's of concern, and based on some comments about "not wanting to get laid off" that he may doubt my claims. I am seeking some direction for what the potential problem may be, and any information I can use to better guide my physician. Any help would be appreciated!

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replied September 19th, 2012
seek opinions from other physicians...
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