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slight pain and blood 2 days after intercourse?

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ok im really concerned i had Intercourse on saturday and it is now monday and i feel like i freaquentlly have to pee. but when i do i have slight pain and blood. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THIS COULD MEAN. i have no one to turn to and im 18
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replied September 20th, 2011
So i stopped birth control and I am having similar problems since then (2months ago). The BC made me not have period for almost two years. probably 5 periods in 2 years of being on it. So now my body could just be trying to get back on track with out me taking the BC pills anymore.
I had break through bleeding that started with intercourse (during) and then I bled for a couple days VERY LIGHTLY. It happened again a few weeks later, and lasted only several hours. (VERY LIGHT AGAIN) like spotting almost. I have now started having frequent urge to urinate, no blood, only one spot that I have noticed with in the last week and a half, that was brown like old blood. I am so confussed as well!
I will let you know what I find out at the DOC tomorrow. Also, i have like pressure pain, not like cramping pain in my pelvic area, which feels like i need to urinate frequently.
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