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slight headaches, and weird milky colored discharge.

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My boyfriend & i have been having unprotected sex for 4 Months. but i havent gotten pregnant. ive recently took tabs on when we have had sex. My last Period was August 17 ended August the 20th we had sex that day, then Sep 1 & 3. (but we have been having un protected sex for 4 months prior) but, my period only Lasted 3 days its usually the whole 5. im just a little parinoid i guess and hoping. but ive been waking up almost everymoring needing to pee really bad and thru out the day ive had to go more then usual. ive felt lazy not wanting to get out of bed. slight headaches, and weird milky colored discharge. somedays i feel fat and just want to wear a tshirt other days i feel like i went back to my normal size. could this mean im finally pregnant?
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replied September 7th, 2011
it could mean you are pregnant yes, although some women do experience pregnancy-like symptoms when they are trying as we try to notice it more anyway. i know too well how annoying this can be as me and my partner have been trying nearly a year now! keep an eye out for other signs/symptoms and if you do miss the period try taking a test. good luck Smile
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