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slight groin pain, uncomftable

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i have recently started to get a slight pain in the left side of my groin, its not a sharp pain it just feels uncomftable like its out of its place or something, i was checking on the net for syptoms and its came up with testicular cancer.. iv tested this myself and havent found any lumps or anything on my testi's, can this still be cancer even tho i dont have the lump on my testical? or could this just be an infection of some sort, im going to get into with a doctor asap because i am getting pretty worried about it! like i said its not painfull its just iratateing, also i dont have any bad pains when i mastubate either, please help?
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replied May 24th, 2011
Please let me know what the doctor says when you go to see him, I have a similar problem, this is my thread: ng-around-my-left-testicle-and-groin-t2831 55.html

Please update me as to what he said when you see him!
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