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slight dizziness

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i am having this slight dizziness while sitting down like i have gotten off of a roller coaster - since about 4-5 days. Usually prominent during the day while I am sitting at a computer. Goes away in the eve. or not as prominent for me to notice. No ear pain, and everything else feels fine. Though I think my neck feels extremely tight because of stress.

I am mentioning ears because, I had water in my ears the last week multiple times when I went snorkeling and that was a new experience for me. I did not dive under water just on the surface. I cleared my ears after every swim episode and did not feel any weirdness afterwards.

I had initially attributed the dizziness to hunger and taking 2 advil liqui gel tabs for body ache, but this is continuing past that. Should I see a doctor? what kind?

Thanks for any insight you may have.
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