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Slight dizziness/light headed and slight chest discomfort

Hello. I am a 19 year old guy worried about his heart.

Yesterday I noticed a dull pain in my RIGHT arm. I spent the day and the few days before smoking A LOT of cigarettes if that means anything. And I have been slightly more drowsy than usual. It continued all day until I remembered arm pain was a symptom of heart attack as I was walking to get some lunch. I pulled up a symptom checker on my iPhone and it said pain in the right arm wasn't much to be worried about as long as you don't have other symptoms. Anyway, I ate my lunch and when I stood up I was a bit dizzy and lightheaded. I walked back to my dorm and started to feel really bad, I lied down and noticed my heart was beating hard and fast, and irregularly. There was NO pain, just felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest, and I felt really hot. I began to panic, but I took about half an hour and calmed myself down. My heartrate returned to normal, so I assumed it was just a panic attack from reading about heart attacks. After awhile I felt fine, however anxious, and just went to bed. I woke up real early in the morning and noticed I felt very anxious as I woke up and I was light headed. Not enough to pass out but sort of a constant lightheadedness that gets slightly worse when I stand up. The arm pain is gone. Also, today I've noticed a strange sensation in my chest. My heart rate is normal, but it just feels, wrong. Periodically, I'll get a very weak pain in my chest that goes away immediately every couple of hours. Everything I'm feeling is very slight, besides my anxiety, which I have trouble grappling with sometimes. Should I be worried? Also, thinking back, I've experienced the chest pains when I was younger, but never brought them up, and they were actually worse when I was a kid. Should I be making a doctor's appointment? Is this a heart attack waiting to happen?
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replied May 11th, 2013
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Hi cygnusx1 and welcome to ehealth: Being a woman in the midst of understanding the functions of the heart and what not and what to accept as normal, my best advice would be to have anything that concerns you checked out...This is something I am learning with my husband...He had never had a problem before this happened and is now in the midst of some procedures to remedy this happening...Even if it is nothing, your peace of mind is worth it knowing this....Take care...

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