I am a keen music listener and audiophile, so I know when my ears aren't working at full capacity. Recently I was ill with flu-like symptoms (Bad headache, sore throat, blocked nose, sickness, joint pains) and I've recovered seemingly fully.

However, I have been noticing a slight difference in hearing volumes between ears. At first I thought I must have been going crazy or my headphones were broken - but after trying many different pairs of headphones/computers and doing tests while listening to people talk, I can really notice that my left ear isn't working very well.

I thought I'd investigate, so I grabbed a couple ear buds and did some gentle cleaning of my right ear, quite a lot of wax but nothing serious. I moved onto the next ear, it was blocked! I couldn't get the bud more than around 7mm in because there was something there. I managed to push the end of the bud up towards the top of my head and I got past this lump, I pushed it down to do some cleaning and then this lump moved! I was a bit startled by the strangeness of it all, so I kept holding the bud down onto this lump and I pulled it out. What came out was a surprise to me!

A quite large red lump, about 10mm long, 5mm wide. After a lot of looking at it with an astonished face I begun to try and inspect what it was, i tore it in half and it wasn't liquid at all, it was dried up - at a best guess I'd say it was a blood clot, but the inside looked to me like wax.

Would anyone know if this is connected to my recent deafness? Now that i've taken that lump out and seemingly cleared my ear to match the other one, will my sound restore to normal? I notice no immediate difference.

Any help would be appreciated,
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replied December 23rd, 2009
it is possible that you had an when you had the flue, and your eardrum burst in your left ear. It would have caused bleeding and fluid buildup, and may have damaged your hearing.
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