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slight burning in my urine; my lower left side is burning!

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Hi, I am Ruhul and 23 years old male. I have strange problem. Its been 3 years. every morning i have medium yellow color pee. If i drink liters of water every 2-3 hours it doesn't seem to be a problem. but its slightly yellow when i don't drink for 2-3 hour. it gets stronger if i dont drink 4-6 hour, Although there was no burning. If i drink 1 mug water i need to pee 30 minutes later. i think its too quick. And sometime i don't feel urge to pee especially in morning, even if its full of urine. morning uriine is al time yellow, doesn't matter how much water i drink before sleep. there was no burning but since last week i feel there is slight burning in my urine. I feel burning in my left side ( 4 inch from my penis). Sometimes i notice something is mixed with my urine which i can see ( If u drop oil into water) its something like that. Please help me, i am nervious. I went to doctor 1.5 years ago. nothing found with USG test. Please help me!. Thanks
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replied May 5th, 2011
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