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Slew of symptom, lightheaded, loss of balance, upset stomach

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Symptoms: NAUSEA, lightheaded, loss of balance, upset stomach, constipation, fatigue, loss of appetite, miss periods or sporadic periods, anxiety, irritability, feeling like the room is spinning or when I'm sitting or laying down, like bed or chair is shaking.

I'm an active 25 year old female. I have a relatively clean health history (gall bladder removed when I was 14, herniated discs when I was 20) I've been dealing with these worsening symptoms since June when I attended my friends graduation and went to dinner afterward to celebrate. I ate seafood paella and bread at dinner and on the way home I had to pull over to a Dunkin Donuts with an upset stomach, feeling nauseous, lightheaded, and feeling like I had to either vomit or poop but I couldn't do either. I attributed it to bad seafood and my dad had to come get me from an hour away because I couldn't drive.

From June-November I have been experiencing these symptoms increasingly. I had a blood panel done and everything is normal. No allergies present. I tried cutting out gluten and I felt less foggy. But I still have severe episodes, typically in the middle of the night, where I wake up with severe belly pain and feeling like I need to vomit (out of 10 or so of these episodes, I've only ever vomited once). I usually get ready to vomit and immediately the feeling to vomit dissipates and I have to go to the bathroom, but I'm constipated and it's painful. Last time, I had very hard, dry stools and then I expelled water for about 20 minutes. During this entire time, I was shaking and SWEATING severely (like drops of sweat on the floor, I soaked though my t shirt.)

Another factor of note is I noticed these incidents occur around my irregular period. Either the end of the third week of my pill pack (always) or I will have an episode and the following day I will start bleeding for a day or two. I have painful cramps and usual menstrual symptoms, such as acne breakouts and I become extremely hormonal (like, yelling at my boyfriend for silly things and crying over everything, not like me at all.)

On the "good" days, I am still nauseous and constipated with absolutely no appetite. I'm only prompted to eat when I feel sluggish.

I'm seeing a second opinion for a gynecologist. My regular doctor prescribed me pericolace for the constipation. I take wellbutrin for the anxiety and I take a swig of Pepto Bismal almost every night before bed to try and avoid a mid-night episode. I'm still avoiding gluten, but the other night I had a bite of a hamburger with the bun on without thinking and I felt fine.

PLEASE HELP. I feel written off, it's affecting my relationships, I'm so sick of feeling like this. At least help me with dealing with the symptoms and the episodes that are unbearable.
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First Helper missamericanpie

replied May 23rd, 2013
Same short, whats wrong with us?
Don't know if your still feeling sick, but i am the same way. It started off slow , back in 2008 and I've had symptoms off and on. Before i would wake up at night, nauseated, sweaty abd dizzy. I would vomit( or not) then feel better for months. Now i am constantly nauseated and lightheaded, it doesn't go away. I haven't vomited, only because i take prescribed medicine when I have an episode. Sometimes, it happens when i eat, i have to stop eating because i will vomit. I used to have a racing heart, but not so much anymore. I've been to hospitals, family pratice and holistic doctors and nothing has helped. Now, my sister is hoing through the same thing, so I'm trying to help her and I. I was always very healthy, i could count on one hand how many times i have vomited in my life before this, and that was because i had strept or some real sickness. All the symtoms started happening once I started my job I'm still at now. At 25 years old, now i'm 30 and i can't take this everyday. It's not all in my head, i am truely suffering as well
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replied June 21st, 2013
I recently just started all of these symptoms. They have been going on for around 2 months now. I keep hoping they'll go away but they haven't and the doctors and everyone else seems to think its all in my head as well. I know it's not. I'm getting worried. I don't know what's wrong with me.
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replied May 14th, 2014
Please read this, it will change your perspective......
I have found what has been wrong with me off & on since 2008. Now this isn't the answer for everyone, but it's a start. And a very inexpensive one at that. I have been diagnosed with having panic attacks. Now I was in denial for a long time when people would bring up that I might be stressed. But I never thought that I could be so stressed, that it would make me sick. I am seeing a cognitive doctor now, my 3rd session is in June. She confirmed it and I am glad I found someone that I can talk to and help me become a better me. I am not taking any meds or even anti nausea pills. I believe me having an outlet with someone I feel comfortable with just melts my stress away. She stated that I have so much extra cortisol (stress hormone) in my system. So I am always on the fight or flight mode. The excessive for cortisol builds and attacks the digestive system first. This is why I was having every crazy symptom under the sun. Panic attacks and happen when and where ever. While you are sleep, eating, talking, around people, at any time. The best remedy she gave me was to take a deep breath in through my nose for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and then breathe out throughout my mouth for 4 seconds, 4 times. When I feel like I have about to have a attack, I perform the breathing exercise and tell myself that everything is ok. I also take B-vitamin complex pills, it's helps to keep me stress free, naturally. I've cut down sweets, I don't drink, and no caffeine. I don't have the 1 and only life threatening disease, I am OK. I am doing 200% better. I don't wake up in the middle of the night with a racing mind. I don't have a wild racing heart anymore, I'm not lightheaded. I'm not nauseated, I feel so much better. The therapist did state that she can't guarantee that I will not have another attack, she reassured me that they will never be the same again. Because I am in control. I want to share this before anyone starts taking out organs, going under the knife, spending loads of money that might not be necessary. At least start out small, here and if this isn't the answer, will it's one doctor down. But I had to sit back and really think what was happening in my life for me to suddenly change out of the middle of no where. Please, read this and pass this along to anyone that is feeling like they are at their wits end are about to lose their job, lost friends, feel isolated. There is hope. One last note! It you are diagnosed with having anxiety disorder, try not to solve the problem with meds. It will not help you, but hinder you. You do not want to be hooked on meds for the rest of your life to feel better for a moment. Trust me, I didn't think I could recover with anti nausea meds ( i have a strong anxiety regarding vomiting) but I have done & and still doing it with positive thinking, keeping my stress down and my breathing techniques. And I was very scared, but my life is back. It's not the same, but I have a different vision regarding my body & life!!!!
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