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Sleep paralysis or seizures ?

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My name is Alex.
I was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome when i was 12 and am currently 16.
I come from a family with a history of autism and my great uncle had both autism and epilepsy which led to him being in residential care the majority of his life.
For quite a few years I've been having quite a few weird experiences that I've been worried to investigate ,but when i recently started college I made friends with someone who seemed to share a lot of the same experiences and has epilepsy.
Ever since I was about 10 I've had very bad depression,a feeling of not being quite there and also an extreme overriding fatigue that makes me tired all the time and prone to just wanting to sleep.College and the outside world effect me like energy on a battery and after a simple outing I'm so tired I need a few days to recover.I sometimes get overwhelming emotions that suddenly take hold of me without any reason sometimes and last for a short time before fading and leaving me tired.When I get angry and fight with my parents or similar over things I feel as if my actions are not of my own doing and feel surprised at what I do when in this mood.
I've also experiences when tired for the last few years.I have periods of insomnia at times and I've had what first seemed like sleep paralysis in the past but had a few worrying experiences over the last few months that have made me wonder if it is SP I am having.The first time I experienced it was about three months ago where I saw static/horrible headache and couldn't move whilst about to drift off to sleep and woke up due to it.The second time I'd had a pretty bad headache that day and was trying to sleep too ,but it happened suddenly and I experienced something like a hallucination.I came to and knew I was in my room ,but was unable to move and had pins and needles in my arms.Is there a reason for this or can it be attributed to sleep paralysis?I also had a bout of swine flu last year and was coming down stairs very feverish and suddenly felt like I had to lie on the floor as I was in so much pain.I did so and my parents said I blacked out when they tried to get me to stand ,but I could hear everything they were saying and was conscious ,but unable to move during this experiance.usually when I get sleep paralysis its just a feeling of being breathless,unable to move for half a minute at most ,but this seems to not always happen when these things occur...they seem to be happening a lot more as I try to get to sleep ,stress seems to sometimes contribute to their occurrence ,my leg seems to jerk at night a lot,I wake after these experiences with a very fast heart beat,see a mark in my vision a bit like a puddle of oil(rainbowy) for a minute,feel as if things are clearer and sometimes I have a feeling just from how I feel that they will happen that night.I had a pretty bad experience last week and the day previous i had been having a dull throbbing headache with a prickliness at my side and back of the head.That night as I was attempting to sleep I suddenly felt it about to happen and the horrible pain I experienced with the static was present...during the experiences I tend to get this pain...I tried to move but I felt like I'd been paralysed or like I was suddenly passing out.The same experience happened three times and I had a hallucination during it...the hallucinations seem more difficult to determine and seep into my dreams as well...I sometimes feel confused as I believe its real for a minute..I don't get these hallucinations during the day though.
I have no idea if this is normal or if I should go get this checked out as I know theres a higher chance of epilepsy with people with aspergers/autism ,but as I've never had a seizure of my own knowledge(I have my own room) I'm not sure if I'm overacting to things...
should I bring this up with my gp or doctor?
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