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Sleep paralysis and Epilepsy ?

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Okay so I have Epilepsy so I don't have if it is sleep paralysis or not. Here is what happens, when I start to fall alseep I get this charged tingling feeling. When I get this feeling, I know I won't be able to move unless I wake up. If I can wake up I still get this werid charged sensation in my head but I can move and go back to sleep. If I don't this tingling comes, my ears start ringing and I can't move. So is this sleep paralysis? Or is this my Epilepsy? I hope im making sense!!!!! Thanks!!!
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First Helper startrekmaniac

replied November 7th, 2010
Answer to question is it epilepsy or sleep paralysis.
I get something very similar, I have sleep paralysis and not epilepsy to the best of my knowledge. Except I get the paralysis first and the buzzing in the head always precedes being able to move again. It's very intense and noisey.
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