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skipping placebo pills

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I am about to leave for vacation and I only have 3 coloured pills left on my Yaz. My doctor said I could switch my period around by skipping the white pills this pack and just starting a new instead of taking the placebo's, but they said I would've had to do it a month in advance for it to really change anything. So here is my question. Has anyone ever skipped all their placebo's and just taken coloured pills straight through until the next pack? What happends? Do you get a heavier period? Does it come lighter? Does it come at all? What happends? lol.
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replied June 15th, 2008
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What happens?

WELL... It depends...

Very few women will actually skip a period on their first 'try'... You will most likely have spotting or a full on period regardless..

You could also bleed EVERY DAY until the next placebo pills.. Which can happen, but it is NOT dangerous.
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replied April 12th, 2009
i have tried skipping my period on yaz going on 3 months now. the first month jus delayed my period, and now i have been lightly bleeding for about 3 weeks. not sure how it works just skipping 1 month tho.
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