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Skin condition - lips and eyelids peeling, cracking, splitting

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Hello all - I'm experiencing these symtoms with the skin on my face:

cracking and splitting and scabbing and peeling (also itching and stiff and painful at corner. Was strictly at the corners (symmetrical) until a few days ago when it began to spread to my the rest of my lips. The stiffness was bad enough that I could barely open my mouth without the corners splitting and bleeding - making it difficult to speak or eat without first soaking my mouth and softening the scabs.

What I've done so far:
-clean with hydrogen peroxide
-clean with apple cider vinegar
-clean with sea salt water
-treat with ajowan essential oil
-treat with propolis
-treat with tea tree essential oil
-treat with mild hydrocortisone cream
-protect with aloe vera and petroleum jelly balm
-began taking b complex

These treatments have been helping the corners heal, but i'm now experiencing tingling, itchiness and redness on the whole of my lip (evenly) - and when i apply the propolis balm, small droplets of moisture form at ever pore evenly.

Possibilities considered: Herpes (seems unlikely based on research. I've been tested many many times - always negative, I have no 'sores' or concentrated areas); Angular Cheilitis (likely possibility, but would it explain spreading to the center of the lip?) - thereby a nutritional deficiency; Eczema on the mouth; Allergic reaction (to what I'm not yet sure);

Potentially relevant factors:
-I have a history of eczema (though has generally been at the crease in my elbows, knees and central abdomin
-I'm a gluten free vegan with virtually no intake of refined sugars

Simultaneous condition on Eye Lids:
-peeling, cracking, swelling, redness, itchiness on upper eye lids, concentrated in the inner corners
-treated with a blend of soothing essential oils (mixture of evergreen blend, lavender and almond oil) - temporary help

Potentially relevant factors:
-Worsens after crying

Many many thanks to anyone who can help. (Also worth noting: I tend to use natural products whenever at all possible). I would love to know the cause - as it's becoming very uncomfortable and also, admittedly, a bit embarrassing.
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