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24 year old male. White. 6'0. Blue eyes. Sandy hair.

Hello. I recently have been reading about sun exposure and how it causes cancer and aging.

I am white and would say I have one step above fair skin. I'm white but not splotchy white.

Also people say I tend to look on the young side. People sometimes think I'm like 17 when I'm 24. Fine by me.

I've never been one to just lay out in the sun but this year I have actually got my body tan. Not extreme.

Well I had been using sunscreen on my face. So I decided to get a little sun on my face to match. I'd say over the total Spring/Summer maybe 2 hours on my face of actual tanning. It still ain't as dark as my body but has what you call a glow, I guess.

Just wondering how much aging and damage 2-3 hours a year is causing? I want to stay looking as young as possible and avoid skin cancer. Thank you.

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