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Skin Breakouts after taking extensive measures

I'm a concerned husband for my wife. She has been having skin breakouts for years and we've gone to a couple regular doctors about this and a dermatologist and none of which has helped her and I'm looking online trying to get any helpful info that I can. Here is a rough break down of the things she's tried and have not helped.

-topical treatments (benzoyl peroxide, sulfer, cleocin, retinoids, etc) no result or symptoms worsened. additionally, these do nothing to prevent the problem, only treat it once it occurs.
-antibiotics (doxycycline, tetracycline, minocycline) helped, but damaged stomach and depleted immune system, resulting in chronic recurring respiratory infections that continued for 5+ years, which required more antibiotics, causing a cycle of being dependent on stronger and stronger antibiotics.
-birth control-oral contraceptives resulted in significant painful breakouts on the face.
-diet. Eliminated soy. Soy (especially in large amounts such as in soy protein or energy bars) causes sudden extremely painful breakouts. This is due to its estrogen mimicking properties when metabolized. She is sensitive to hormone changes and their fluctuations show in her skin, so it makes sense that soy would be a problem, just like birth control was. So, no soy in her diet and she watches out for body products like shampoo for soy proteins as well.
-more diet-Eliminated gluten. Gluten will make symptoms worse or bring them on independently due to its inflammatory properties. She also watches out for bath/body products for gluten ingredients such as wheat protein.
Other irritants - sulfates make her skin breakout so she uses a shampoo/conditioner that is sulfate free. She makes sure that other bath/body products do not have sulfates as well.

Please help/advise. I Thank you in advance.
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replied May 22nd, 2013
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Welcome to eHealthForum! Since your wife is sensitive to several things, consider looking for a Dr. to test her blood for sensitivities or allergies. Also be sure to look through the forums for people with similar symptoms or topics or post your question in "Ask a Doctor" for help from one of the eHealth doctors.
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