My sister was recently beaten up very badly by her husband of 24 years.. He attacked her with a knife and if my nephew wasnt there I dont want to think of what would have happened ..
Thing is .. she has taken him back .. She said right from the start that 'It wasnt him' and things just got on top of him .. 'she loves him' ..
Having come out of an abusive relationship myself ( not violent to me , but mental abuse and wrecked house ) I find it hard to understand that she would not have enough respect for herself and let this slide..
They are acting like nothing has happened .. yes he was arrested for it .. and the date for court is this week .. he already been up in front of judge twice and has been put back for background checks.. but as he now living back home and she tried to drop charges Im guessing he will just get a 'slap on the wrist'..
I just feel disgusted with her.. she even has gone and got his name tattooed across her pubic area ( branding I would call that ) ( must add that the reason for the abuse was that he was convinced she was cheating .. next thing I know she tattooed there ) .. She doesnt bother with the family any more as she knows how we feel about him .. Its my parents I feel sorry for as they worry themselves sick about her now ..
Ive kind of got to the stage of just letting her get on with her own life.. havent seen / text / or spoke to her in coming up to 2 months now .. but thats her choice not mine ..
Sorry for the rant .. I just think I needed to get it off my chest .. Confused
Thanks for listening ! x
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replied May 22nd, 2008
She needs to leave him!

Sometimes women feel that they have no choice but to stay.
They get sort of brain washed into thinking they deserved it, they can't find anyone, they can't afford to live alone, or they have no where to go.

It's all very complicated. Situations like these require extensive therapy.
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replied May 23rd, 2008
I thought she would .. but right from the start from the morning that I sat with her after he had done it she was saying that she loved him .. it wasnt him that was doing that .. she couldnt hate him . etc...
I honestly dont think she will leave him .. she has made it perfectly clear that he is her family now .. in her words.. she has been with him longer than with our parents ..
Am I being wrong in stepping back ? I just find it so hard to be around her when all she can talk about is how wonderful he is .. And I know I will never be able to be in his company again ..
Life is full of choices I guess and this has to be her one . wether its good or bad ..
Thanks again .. x
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