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Sinusitis or Strep Throat ?

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Hello everyone,

I am kraggy and I have Health Anxiety, The main way I keep myself "Calm" in perdiods of fear is by asking on online medical forums such as this one for info about what my "Sympton" could be, usually it gets me very nice & reassuring answers Smile

Anyways, since about a week or two I noticed a throat ache, Its very high in the throat and it mainly occurs when I swallow..

Here is a picture that I downloaded & edited a bit to show just about where the pain seems to be.

Its not Extremely painfull, but I am very worried about it since I have Health Anxiety, and I might be changing a Fly into an Elephant when it comes to how worried I should be Razz

My nose is fairly dry, so are my lips. This time of year I also have problems with Hay Fever alot.

Hope people can give me some information,

Kind Regards,

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