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sinusit ,allergey ,low blood pressure

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Iam 22 years old.History:Iam cold type person,I passed some chronic cold,also I have allergy with smells,dust and cold weather, for these I am sneezing since from 13 year old when I changed my country from hot weather country to cold weather.Now Iam in other cold country more than my home country colder.which has six months snowing.I have found myself so cold and fluffy nose with thick yellow.I don't have pain in face but Iam feeling itchiness in nose every time when it became dry then watery then touching nose I feel to itch harshly,itching also in my eyes,moreover I took glasses,for not seeing far and thing more I have low blood pressure and my blood cells are not enough because I have pain in my upper part of caused me to lose blood every time.when I sit more than 10 minutes my nose became fluffy and I feel dizziness and low bp.I eat 2 times a day.I don't have appetites stomach is not working properly,I found belly I cant breath in dry and cold weather of here just in taking hot bath I feel opened my head,when Iam thinking and sitting , working in one place about 30 min I feel all below low bp dizziness fluffy nose. what is my real sickness? allergy, low bp, less blood cells, or chronic sinusitis.
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replied April 9th, 2012
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Keep your body warm always, wear fleece. Keep drinking warm water throughtout the day, drink atleast 4 glasses of water, stay out of cold pops. Don't skip breakfast, drink a cup of milk, eat or drink something. Eat something in the evening too, nuts or anything you like. Include little bit of raw carrots, spinach in your diet everyday. Take multivitamin tablets twice a week. Excercise atleast for few mins regularly. See what happens in a month.
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