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Sinus problems:always running nose no cold,headaches

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Hey I have a constant running nose. It has been going on for months now. I have taken allegy pills and sinus pills but they don't work. For the last few days I have had headaches on and off. I thought I had a some sinus build up in my forehead area and I have used a sinus rise several times. The sinus rinse just seems to have cleaned the inside of the nose it didn't work to stop the dripping or the headaches. I have been getting a few nose bleeds after I have used the sinus rise too. The sinus rise is called NeilMed Neti Pot.

Any thoughts about how to stop the headaches and running nose? Please and thanks.
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replied October 2nd, 2013
Dear sir, I am suffering sneezing and running nose, from 7 years. during medication it stops. after completion course it returns. i used allopathic medicines one year, during that one year i feel healthy, after course finished. after three days it started. after that i consult homeopathy doctor i take that course 3 years. problem same during that course ok but after problem is same, what should i do this is my big problem suguest me sir
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