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Sinus pain when sleeping

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I am new here and have skimmed through some posts but do not see my issues discussed.

Can be feeling perfectly fine when I go to bed and will wake up in the middle of the night with terrible pain in the nasal sinus cavity on the side I was laying on. At times am able to roll over and go back to sleep but most times it requires me to get up for about 2 hours before the pain eases off and then of course returning to sleep is another story.

Have found a wonderful massage therapist/osteopath who says this is my jaw and she treats it with great success.
Problem is I have to go every 2 weeks and it is quite pricey.
AND I am a snowbird and am unable to find a therapist for my 6 months away.

Has anyone heard of this problem, dealt with it???
Make any sense to anyone?

TIA for any help anyone can give me.
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replied February 10th, 2011
I have a similar issue and it appears related to a thryoid condition and Adrenaline levels. When Adrenaline is low, capillaries dilate leading to swelling. If you don't sleep well, the body compensates during the day by creating additional Adrenaline. However, this only makes matters worse the next night.

In my case, it seems I'm stuck in a vicious cycle. Lack of sleep makes the pain worse the next night. My solution for the moment, is to sleep 4 hours at night 3 hours during the day. I've noticed I can sleep 3-4 hours without much pain, but after that it gets worse. It's not ideal, but until I find a better solution it's worked well to reduce fatigue.
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