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sinus issue with no mucus ? ? ?

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Hi all,
i have had the same prob for as long as i can remember i am a 28 year old male and for ten years plus have had the following issue.

my right side facial area feels stuffy mayb u could describe as pain but its really not that painful as well as tinnutis on the right side again tho this is not really an issue as its not that loud.
The main stuffy feeling is top of nose (rightside) and is not so bad down to the bottom of my nose / right eye and right cheek. I have no cold or no mucus coming from my nose though and have tried nasal sprays, steam with eucalyptus and menthol oil / heat packs / quit smoking etc etc and still have this issue.
i should add also my right nostril is never as clear as my left it is very rarely completely blocked but is aways stuffy. i was thinking tmj but i am not aching in a physical manor and these muscles do not actually feel tender in that area as pointed out by my tmj dental technician.

i am sure i am not alone but am COMPLETELY baffled i am sure this is trivial but it is so energy sapping it is SOUL DESTROYING not a term i feel i am using lightly. TMJ technician have decided they dont think they can help so i will be back to ENT who have already advised there is no issue there side. Now this causes another prob my gp then decides that negative results on these options along with blood test / urine samples also negatory means only 1 option....which is i am tired / drained due to anxiety or not keeping myself active enough. WHERE as my side of argument is NO i am more anxious than i should be at times AND am not active as i should be BECAUSE i GENUINLY do not feel as good spirited as i should hence the hole situation to me is a complete catch 22 as if u aint feel lively (as far as i am concerned physically) do u think any human would be in a positive situation.

Sorry im back on track do u believe u can have a sinus issue which is not causing a cold / or mucus.

Thanks for reading

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First Helper Nickr77

replied August 11th, 2010
'Dry' sinusitis, depression, blocked ears,
I don't get the hayfever type effects either. I probably get post nasal drip. My ears seem to be affected in the first stage - I get the odd spell of dizziness and maybe a sense of fluid running out. Doctors say they can't see ear infection. I then get really miserable and can't think objectively. I get hot or cold. Then I know its sinusitis infection again! I start attacking it with nasal wash, anti-histamines, herbal cold/flu tablets etc and cut down on milk and coffee. The danger is I can dry out too much with the treatments designed to 'clear up' sinusitis because mine isn't of the 'wet' sort either. Depression is a big issue and I agree a catch 22. I challenge negative thoughts using cognitive therapy techniques and try to keep busy but it's REALLY hard to do when your head is clogged with infection and you feel really tired. The pressure to DO something about your depression is always there. I do advocate getting out of bed and moving around. Hot showers or wet saunas help. Drinking plenty of water. Get the circulation going. Take any opportunities to be preoccupied - sinusitis tends to 'close the world inward' which is the equivalent fight you get with depression. I haven't found a cure - I avoid anti-biotic treatment but a doctor friend tells me an intensive, long blast of anti-biotic is the only way.
All empathy to anyone with chronic sinusitis.
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replied October 25th, 2010
dry sinus
i suffer from dry chronic sinus infections and it is ruining my life. i can so relate. i am waiting to see an allergist to determine if something is causing my sinuses to be so inflamed. hang in there.
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replied October 31st, 2010
I have had similar experiences to you.. A constant battle with sinus infections, energy being zapped, feeling tired all the time. However I am very active and usually try my dammed hardest to push through.. My face is often numb below my eyes and have a post nasal drip, which is worse with dairy products. I found that Immune suppliments with Zinc, garlic, horse raddish and echunacia help also olive leaf extract helps keep the sinus infections at bay or reduce their severity, Sinus Washes (Solution of Salt and Xyolitol) didn't really do a lot. I did go and see an ENT and turns out that I requrie functional endocsopic sinus surgery to open up sinuses to allow them to drain properly, turbinectomy to reduce the size of an oversized turbine and a procedure to fix deviated septum. It's worth seeing a specialist.

I am going to book in in the next few months.. I hope it works.
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replied April 19th, 2013
How did it go? What happened?
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replied November 1st, 2010
i also suffer with dry chronic sinus infection which has caused me to suffer with depression hard to cope with every day life when you feel like your living in a fog and so tired all the time . very anoying when people tell you to thimk positive !!!! also waiting to see an allergist please keep me informed how you get on . can so relate to everybodys frustration seems like no one believes you as if we want to feel like this !!!!!
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replied May 17th, 2013
I have had the same problem for over a year now its so draining and I feel I could cry all the time as my head feels so foggy. The pain moves from side to side and is usually only on one side at a time it changes depending on what side I sleep. The blockage is not in my nose but at the side of my dead and back of ear. I think it may be inflamed I have to always wear a hat when its cold as this kicks it off. I have had a scan but nothing showed up I waited so long for the scan that it had improved due to having acupuncture, that has been the only thing that has worked for me. I would recommend to anyone suffering from sinus problems to find a good acupuncturist . I am back waiting for another ENT appointment has it is always recurring - Really understand all these comments I have read is so exhausting and constant .Can anyone could let me know if any ops have worked?
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replied July 20th, 2013
Chronic Sinusitis
I've had sinuses widened and septum straightened, a total of 3 separate outpatient surgeries of which yes level of overall discomfort is better however it did not solve my issues. I'd had allergy shots for 2 years and felt/experienced no corrolation to shot therapy and slowing of my constant thick drainage or sinus inflammation. I haven't smoke in 5 years, run and keep an overall healthy lifestyle.

Saline spray never seems consistent. If I'm dried out it miraculously makes me feel better. But it seems like if I'm not dry it almost exacerbates my issues by allowing more fluid into my sinus where I don't want it.

I've certainly discovered I cannot forget to drink water. I've also found my simply stretching, bending at the waist and allowing suspending my head upside down for 5-10 minutes I can move material along and help clear myself out. I've gone as far as using inversion boots on my door frame mounted chin up bar, hanging upside down for 10 or so again getting more and less relief inconsistently.

It's maniacal that in the span of 12 hours in a day I can feel brilliant, clear minded and sharp only to eventually feel completely 'block-headed' in a matter of hours, coupled with despair, anxiety and depression. It's a constant fight I am so extremely tired of. It affects my work and family, social activities. I couldn't agree more with this common voice saying 'I do not want to feel this way'. Althou i am thankful for everything in my life and know others have issues much worse, It is simply not natural to feel this way -to me it's like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
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replied February 5th, 2014
I've had similar experiences. I'm 52 years old, never had sinus issues until 14 years ago, which coincided to a LOT of stress in my life. Had a sinus infection for over a year, was on different antibiotics for 12 months, had enormous facial pain from the eyes down to the jaw, had two polyps removed, deviate septum corrected, and a result of all that sinus pressure was that it literally killed a tooth. I went to several ENT, was tested for allergies, NOTHING. the tests showed I did not react to anything. Ultimately the medical doctors and acupuncture and chiropractic didn't help. What did help to get rid of the facial pain was the STEM (I think it called that- they put little probes along both sides of your back and turn up the intensity, and you feel little electrical "fingers" on your back), relaxing techniques, and meds to calm me down. After the stress in my life was reduced, along with that STEM, my facial pain went away, the sinus pressure and pain went away. I was sinus issue free for 10 years, then all of a sudden out of nowhere, it hit me again. Had the balloonoscopy done, which helped for 18 months, then boom hit me again. Been doing the Kenalog shots to decrease inflammation for the last 9 months, but the one I got last week, has been completely ineffective. I can breath through my nose, but my left ear is "clogged" like I am under water and can't clear it. Guess I need to go to another ENT, maybe USC or UCLA to see if there are new ideas out there.
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replied June 19th, 2014
sinus pressure = anxiety disorder? hmm
Sounds similar to me. 28, female, have had sinus issues since I was a child. After many ear and sinus infections, doc sent me to the ENT, who got me blood work done. Said I was allergic to several trees and grasses and that I just needed to avoid those. Yeah, avoid trees and grass, hmm, so never leave the house? Anyway, some weeks I actually feel fine (like last week) and then it hits again, a lot of inflammation and pressure around the eyes and ears. Hot teas help a bit but it's temporary. Went back to my doc recently and she said there was some fluid backed up in my ears and put me on a steroid. Temporary relief for a few days then pressure and lethargic feelings returned. Went back again to the doc and she asked a bunch of questions and said maybe I had anxiety issues. Well, I guess I am anxious about why my head and sinuses keep acting up. Like everyone I have stress in my life. But I'm not feeling really anxious. She prescribed xanax which I haven;t taken yet cause I don't feel anxious. I feel pressure behind my eyes, tired and want my sinuses to stop being so inflamed. Sigh... Drugs I am on: Nasacort for the nose, AllegraD and ibuprofen when needed. the only thing I find that helps is the ibuprofen and herbals teas.
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replied June 27th, 2014
Went back to the doctor yet again. She has added Singulair to the allergy med mix. I a little nervous taking so many allergy meds at once, but apparently they all affect the body differently. We'll see. Took it today and see no difference thus far.
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replied July 20th, 2014
I have had similar sinus issues, and I have tried allergy shots, sinus surgery, a multitude of antibiotics, and I can't seem to get well. I have had a chronic headache with pain and pressure under my left eye and along my cheek. After 18 months of sinus and dental problems and multiple surgeries, it was determined that my issue might be related to a severe mold allergy. My home and office were both mold infested. I have moved and now my office is being remediated for mold. I have started a nasal nebulizer treatment, and the sinus headaches and eye pressure seem worse. I have been told that the nebulizer treatments take about 4 weeks to be effective. Has anyone tried the nebulizer, and what was your experience?
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replied November 21st, 2014
I just read your comment about the chronic dry sinus, and was wondering if you have found any solution to the problem? I suffer from the same problem, and I have tried everything under the Sun, It started when I broke my nose and the got the deviated septum fixed but still having breathing difficulty,I have seen more than 8 ents and allergists, and nobody could figure it out. this problem is deeply affecting my life in a negative way. could you please let me know what the status is with your situation if you don't mind, your help is greatly appreciated
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replied November 22nd, 2014
Just out of curiosity, have anyone here ever took a xray of your sinus? I match exactly what winks said and I used nasal sprays and antibiotics, took xrays before and between treatment and the inflamation was still there. Anyone tried antihistamines or any medication that helped it?
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replied April 14th, 2015
Chronis sinus pressure, no mucus
I suffered from chronic sinus pressure and headaches for some months before I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I didn't have any fatigue for the first few months and after about 4 months the fatigued followed. I had seen an ENT who said it was probably hayfever (he couldn't have been more wrong) and he prescribed me a steroid nasal spray which made me worse.
The only things that provided relief were nasal rinsing with a neti pot and changing my diet to gluten/dairy/soy free.
Im posting this because I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong as I had no other symptoms other than sinus pressure and headaches of a tension nature. I had tried antihistamines for allergies, antibiotics for infections but no, these symptoms were the onset for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. hopefully this provides a possible insight for someone out there
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replied May 30th, 2015
Hi BradleySimmonds,

Thank you for your post. I found it very helpful. Quick question: Prior to going on your diet, did you experience any stomach problems? I have been reading that digestive problem may lead to sinus problems.

Thank you!
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replied July 19th, 2016
chronic sinusitis, dizziness, no mucus or stuffed nose
hi all, i can completely relate to all of your stories. I started getting dizzy three yrs ago and the ER would give me EKGs and they would come back fine so they would send me home with diagnosis of "vertigo". I was also having problems with breathing so I thought it might have been an underlying infection. I would take antibiotics that i had laying around and the dizziness would go away for a few days. Because the dizziness responded to antibiotics, i knew it wasn't just vertigo. I went to the ER at least ten more times over the course of two yrs. finally i asked for my medical records. i wanted to read my labs and see my ct scans myself. sure enough, there was evidence of a sinus infection. i actually had to point this out to the drs who werent even going to tell me! i am almost positive that the swelling or inflammation is causing the dizziness or that i had an infection in my ear. i pushed to see an ENT. I argued with several drs that i had this for yrs and they all pushed it off by calling it vertigo instead of treating the actual problem. i was told it was a heart problem (but my heart is fine), and then i was told it was a neurological problem (but that came back ok), and finally i was told that it was low vit B and D, followed by anxiety disorder. I called total BS!!! so finally, without a referral because im sick of it, I saw an ENT a couple days ago, and he said i would need endoscopic surgery and would have to scrape the diseased tissue out of my sinuses. he said there are two types of chronic sinusitis and i had the kind with no symptoms. i go in again this fri to see about surgery. i am sick and tired of these drs messing around so im taking matters into my own hands. i now always request my medical records, including xrays, CTs and MRIs, then i read into them myself. im telling you, these drs almost always never tell you what they see. I suggest you advocate for yourself. if i would have done this three yrs ago (bc i trusted drs) this thing wouldnt have gone this far. i am not "crazy" or imagining this stuff. There are others that have experienced this and i know it!
some of the symptoms im experiencing:
heightened anxiety, especially in crowds or where theres lots of visual stimulation, feels like panic attacks
near passing out, feeling like im going to die
pale face, white lips, fast heart rate, low BP out of nowhere
extreme fatigue
dizziness, worsens when tired or in dark
stuffed up right ear
occasional ringing in left ear
no mucus, discharge, or stuffed nose, its very dry!
blurry vision very recent
not hungry sometimes
sense of smell comes and goes
does not respond to meclazine, steroids, or antibiotics anymore (it did first episode, but dr said i probably acquired antibiotic resistance now)
when i drink milk or eat yogurt, it seems to get worse.
when i leave fan on or its humid outside, it gets worse.
my ANA test came back positive, so they are checking me for lupus to see if this is the cause of chronic sinusitis.(but presence of infection could cause test to read positive).

Im no Dr, but I think this sinusitis spread to my ear and is causing my vestibular nerve to not interpret information correctly. ive become sensitive to loud noises like never before.
The depression im experiencing is probably from a combination of feeling hopeless, broken down, and from not having enough energy to do anything or even enjoy life.
Flare ups are caused by anything that triggers inflammation, which includes onions, sugar, maple trees, weeds, cats, caffeine, crying, a simple cold, humid air, mold, polluted areas.
what helps for now is potatoes and carrots, both contain lysine. and chicken soup. you have to eat lysine rich foods in order to fight the infection. if you dont, it allows the virus to populate.
ill let you guys know what happens after i visit the ENT this fri.
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