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Sinus infection with unusual symptoms

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Hi, I have been sick off and on since March of this year. The symptoms were kind of perplexing and hard to diagnose. I had a very upset stomach with diareah and it was always gurgling and rumbling so at first I and my doctor thought I had a stomach virus since one had been going around the area. He did a complete blood work on me and said everything looked normal.

So my doctor gave some medicine for my diareah, but no antibiotics. I continued to feel worse. I didn't get fever but I was always chilled, run down, and my throat was hurting a lot - burning and swolen. I think this is the sickest I have felt in my life next to when I had Mono. The duration of this is what has made it so hard. When I say chilled, I mean if it was 75 degrees out I would want to wear a light jacket. I wasn't shivering or anything. I just felt cold and clammy and out of it. And a low level nausea. And the stomach gurgling. It was awful.

I went on a few rounds of antibiotics but they did not cure me. Definitely had temporary relief. The first was a 5 day Cipro regimen - 2 tablets per day. I felt like a new man after the first day so I thought I would be cured. But when I finished that the symptoms came back Sad That was during a vacation to the Grand Canyon and the doctor there said he didn't see any infections but he gave it to me anyway since we were on vacation and I felt so awful. He only looked at my ears and throat though.

After that, I went back to my regular doctor and told him my left ear felt blocked. I heard a kind of popping that felt like fluid. I had read that an ear infection can cause nausea and diareah so I thought that must be it. He gave me a 7 day Levaquim prescription and I felt a bit better from it, but not like with the Cipro. After I finished that, my symptoms returned after about a week.

So I decided to go to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist because my throat was really hurting a lot. He said my throat and ears looked fine which I had been hearing. I just didn't get it. How could my throat hurt so much and it looks fine? But then he put a scope into my nose and said I had a sinus infection on the left side.

He gave me a 14 day prescription of Cipro and told me to use Nasonex. I am on day 2 of the prescription. I am kind of worried that it will come back again. I feel great right now and i'm only on day 2 but I felt great the first time I was on the Cipro - granted it was only a 5 day prescription.

Has anyone heard of a sinus infection causing symptoms like I had? The chills with little or now fever, the upset stomach, the burning sore throat.

I guess I'm a little worried that I have something worse but I guess time will tell. I do feel fine on the Cipro so I must have some infection. A specialist diagnosed it as a sinus infection so I guess it must be that. I didn't really feel any pain in my face or sinus's so that's why I am perplexed.

Would appreciate any feedback.

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replied June 9th, 2009
I was just wondering if you have had a test for strep to be sure you are not a carrier of it, or are around a carrier...which can be anyone around you....

I have heard that strep can cause soreness but not show up as an infection to a doctors trained eye...I wouldn't let them give you the run around on this test, I would demand it to rule it out...also, I can tell you that if it is a sinus related infection, be prepared for the long haul in some cases...I have heard of people going for months on antibiotics....and if ears are involved, make sure they stay on top of it.....
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replied June 9th, 2009
It's funny you mention strep because I kept thinking I might have it and I've been around some young kids that have had it. I teach guitar and am around a lot of young children.

The stomach thing reminds of how my stomach used to feel when I got strep as a kid. And I don't have my tonsils so I think it doesn't flare up the same.

And all the antibiotics I've been on don't really treat strep. I did some internet research and apparently Cipro and Levaquim will not work on strep.

They never seem to want to do strep tests even when you tell them you've been exposed to it.

I feel very good at the moment but this morning my stomach was gurgling away. Morning coffe just doesn't agree with me right now.

I wish there was a do it yourself strep test. Maybe there is? I'm off to do some googling.

Thanks for the feedback.

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replied September 29th, 2009
sept/19/09 got a sore throat, 2 days later in bed for 2 days runny nose very stuffed. rested for 6 days did some nasal washing & felt a bit better , no drugs , 8 days later feeling very ill with chills but no fever ! nose & sinuses feeling ok but a little dizzey & a medium headache ! this is what happens to me every time i get a cold ! sometimes the ill feeling & chills will last more than a month ! have had a lot of sinus problems ! this time i am not going to get antibiotics because i don't think it is bacterial !i tried clariton & my nose is not running as bad but still ill feeling 8 days now !
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