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Sinus arrhythmia

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Hii I'm a 19 year old female

Today my Doctor gave me an EKG after I told her some concerns about racing heart/high blood pressure, etc. Anyways, the results of my EKG said I was having irregular sinus arrhythmia . Could someone please explain exactly what sinus arrhythmia is and maybe some opinions on why mine is irregular? I'm finding conflicting information on the internet and my head is swimming...

My doctor is waiting on blood tests checking on my thyroid as well as an MRI of my brain next week (have been having bad headaches) before she puts me on any sort of medication

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replied August 25th, 2008
Well first, a sinus arrhythmia refers to the normal speeding up and slowing down of the heart rate that occurs with breathing in and out.

IF a sinus arrhythmia is found to be irregular, it means that it could be a natural phenomenon or that you are experiencing heart damage .

When is your appointment?
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