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Sinus and blocked minor salivary glands

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I am really worried. I found a small pimple like size bump on the soft palate of the roof of my mouth. ive always had sinus/allergie and throat problems particularly tonsilitus on the very same side i have that lump too. i went to an ENT specialist and he said my sinuses were still present and a little large for my age (22)- he gave me nasalnex which helped a lot but ive got lazy recently and stopped, wasnt sure how long for. the next time i went he said the adenoids were looking half their size so very happy. i told him about the lump on the roof of my mouth and he said it was probably a blocked salivary gland.... he said this is common with people who have sinus problems- is this true????? i need another opinion. he says its unlikely it is cancer because ive always suffered with my throat since i was young and it is all just related. i often get a pain behind my eye which i dont think is related but really becos i have a weak vision in that eye the eye doctor looksed at the back and said it is much weaker. but im just really worried ive got this adenoid cystic corcoma or whatever it is. as i often get headached too with this and a pain at the base of my neck. the doctor says its not worth operating on because its most definetely a block gland. what do you think? should i press this? its quite painful, but mainly when i think about it. not really when i press it much. is it meant to hurt when its a gland blockage. i cant sleep at night worrying ive got cancer.
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replied April 2nd, 2008
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Do you feel pain at the roof of your mouth while swallowing?
Have you noticed that the pain of this lump is worsened when consuming food?
Is this a soft bump or a blister-like lesion on the roof of your mouth?
Have you noticed some changes in its appearance in a meantime?
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