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Single pinhead sized bump on penis head

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yeah so Im 22, haven't had sex in about 6 months or so and about a month and a half ago I noticed a very small bump on my penis head. It doesnt hurt whatsoever, no burning, itching, hasn't grown in size or shrunk in size either. Im really not worried about it being something serious like herpes, I am just curious as to what it is and if it will go away. I just started talking to this girl and im a little nervous to have sex, even though the bump is so small youd really have to examine it so see it, because I dont want her to think im dirty, Ive only had unprotected sex with 2 girls and came up clean on a test after the first one. Can someone please help???
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First Helper karu689

replied December 31st, 2011
After breaking up with my partner in last spring, about 6wks later I noticed a small trio of pinhead sized bumps or warts on the head of my penis. After about 2months I went to see my doctor because I thought I had hpv. He told me no not the case, it dissapeared only to reappear after ejaculation. There is no noticable pain and was sent home with an appointment to see a dermatologist. My regular doctor has run the normal tests for stds. My ex has dissapeared so I have not been able to quiz him, I to am unhappy about this. I was asked to abstain from sex for a short period till he is able to determine what is going on or untill I can consult with the dermatologist. I have read alot of stuff and found nothing. The only thing I can contribute is that my ex had foot issue's and it is possible that by using his towels or wearing each others clothes I could have picked up a viral infection. I am uncomfortable to have sex with anyone at this point not only because I don't want to pass this along to anyone but it makes me very anxious. I will do my best to post a reply if I ever find out the answer, what I do know however is that unchecked some issues can worsen without you even knowing, never worth taking a chance. Protected sex no joke. You are way to young to be put out of the game.
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replied February 25th, 2012
Thx for waiting so long for a reply, I was not able to see the dermotologist I was sent to until apx 2/20/12. As in the past my symtoms did not return for my appointment, however the small three spots now have left a tiny dark mark. Emarrassing as it was to be examined this is what took place, I had to pump it up for him because the spots are more noticable then, He said it did not look like any issue, that possibly it was small blood vessels, I had a complete work up ( I share this because to date this has cost apx $650.00 in visits and tests and you mentioned you had insurance issue) all the screening showed nothing, however I am noticing that it is now in arm pit. You really have to be observant to see. He still believes no issue, told him at age 54 I never had this untill my last partner ( totally stupid not to use protection, lesson learned the hard way, trust and passion do not always mix he was a liar )and that the symtoms came 6-8 wks later. He again doubts there is issue that if anything it is a viral situation and will clear on its own, not to use any products on it because may cause irratation and will slow process. He is one of the top doctors in my metro area. My regular internal specialist ( regular D.O.'s are ok but an M.D. way better) said to relax and see, I also was told this is not a contagous issue to go ahead and date if I like, however through the magnifine glass it looks more like bumps perfectly circular. So I have my doubts. And I do not want to even try to explain to someone new about it, but I do respect my partners and would never hide an issue because somethings never go away with sex issue's and it is only fair to who you are with. Most anyone would be understanding.
I still am not convinced and am paying close attention, with male sex organs sometimes things don't go away they just seem to get worse. Please do not feel alarmed with what I say, your situation maybe entirely different but I took the time to write you because it seems the same.
Please see a doctor!! Select a M.D. because he will be able to help more and in the long run will cost less.
If you just cann't get the cash up check around for a free clinic, beware tho select carefully.
My best to you take care of yourself, play safe please play safe. My thoughts and experience are only opinion better to spend a few bucks now then have issues forever because forever is a verrrry long time peace out good luck caseyboy
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