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Single mum???? just needing advice

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Hello everyone I'm new on here well heres the run down

Im 23 i have a little boy who is almost 8 months and im pregnant.
I love the idea of having another baby but so many things are just going wrong the father, who i was just starting to re-date (his my high school sweetheart) to start with was very excited and as we had already made the chioce to get back together when he gets home (his away with work till september) things started off really well now i never hear from him and im thinking of telling him to go jump i mean just because im pregnant with his child doesnt mean he can treat me like &$%# right??

i'd never keep him out of the babys life and i know he will do the right things there but since he found out i was pregnant his attitude towards me has changed he was txting me 20 times a day and calling me every night now im lucky to get a call once a week Sad Sad

Im just worried about how i will handle 2 under 2 on my own
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replied May 4th, 2008
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well there isnt many details here on his behavior so its hard to give advice to you. plus, you know him best (im sure). ive noticed that men sometimes become childish when they find out they might have to grow up and be a man to support a new living person... its a lot for some men to take in. i think harder on them because they are not naturally nurturing (most anyways). is he is treating you like &$%# then you need to decide if you can work thru it with him. since i dont know the extent of that issue ill leave it like that. is he worth it? will he grow up? does he just need sometime to figure this out? is he scared? try considering those thoughts, might hhelp, but like i said idk the whole detailed story so just some ideas. PM anytime & i'll help if i can. goodluck momma. =) i will tell u one thing though, things were rocky with my man of 9 1/2 years (were h/s sweethearts too) when i became preggo... took a lot of time and i tried hard to not be moody as my hormones were going crazy & in the end it turned out good. we both had to pull our heads out of our behinds, compermize, grow up and move on. we did and things are pretty good now.
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